Sesame spinach

in  winter’s day, it is fat and tender spinach listing things, will buy back the spinach, frying,

Mixing, playing Tom, as filling fresh and refreshing, nutritious. Here, the Lao Zheng tell you, eat spinach, be sure the water first with boiling water before making a food Nao, because water can get rid of mud inside the oxalic acid.

Ingredients: spinach, garlic salt soaked white vinegar, sesame oil, sesame fans


1): turn on the water pot to boil the spinach, remove and put fans into the cool water, mud

Cut out after the water too cold.

2): sesame fried, crushed garlic into the mortar or the child inside the offal removed.

3): sub-salt and cloves garlic smashed mortar mud sesame oil into the vinegar out.

4): the mix into chopped spinach, garlic, and then will hit the fan a good mix

Sesame seeds can be placed.

Mango Pudding


A pack of Mango pudding dessert mix,2 cups milk, 1 cup water, fresh mango, strawberry, grape, cherry. serves 4.

1. 2 cups milk and 1 cup water into a pan. Cook in medium heat, Bring to a full boil while stirring constantly. Remove from heat.

2.Imeediately pour a pack of mango pudding mix into the pan. Dissolve completely.
3. pour mixture into dessert dishes let cool. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Top with slice of fresh mango, strawberry, grape, cherry.

Curry Chicken Fried Rice

Ingredients: rice, chicken Ding, peas

Corn Ingredients: curry powder, salt

Method: 1. put the microwave plus left- 2 minutes

2. Cubes and fry until oil is hot put a little color

3. Add corn kernels, peas, fried

4. Put into the hot rice causal

5. Add curry powder, salt, mix well

Curry is a convenient and fast and healthy economic seasoning food! These spices have their own unique aroma and taste was very hot, and some spicy, some of aromatic, cross rub together, whether it is with meat, seafood or vegetables, bursting out of its integration and coordination seems to conflict with each other varied level and texture, is the most distressing fascinated curry where dumping. Therefore, many countries in Southeast Asia, the importance of curry sauce are a must. Western will also be used in many curries.

Containing the nutritional value of curry spice turmeric, chili-based materials, can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increased gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite. It can promote blood circulation, sweating purposes. So, in the subtropical, people are especially like to eat curry. American Association for Cancer Research in San Francisco the latest research indicates that the curry contains curcumin inhibits cancer cell activation and function of liver cells. Curry also has assisted wound composite, or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease role.

Popular yogurt cake

  Ingredients: 4 eggs, 40 grams of flour, corn starch, 25 grams, butter 50 grams, 200 grams of yogurt, 80g caster sugar.

Steps: 1 egg yolk, protein separation.

2, impermeable or butter to microwave thaw melted the butter into the liquid profile. 3, in butter, add yogurt and mix well.

4. put egg yolks into the butter, yogurt paste several times, each one to put the full mix, butter and yogurt to the egg yolks and paste the full integration.

5, the low-gluten flour and corn starch mixture, then sift, sieve into the egg yolk paste in butter and yogurt, with a rubber spatula stir the flour and yogurt paste integration.

6, with electric mixer stir the protein solution had a big bubble of about 1 / 3 of the caster sugar into, and mix well.

7, protein and continue beating until the protein was small and delicate white foam, and then pour in 1 / 3 of the sugar and continue beating stirring.

8, has been the accumulation of protein can be whipped into a state, the last 1 / 3 of the sugar into, and mixing pass.


9, when the first one to pick protein Whisk paste, bend but do not appear to flow naturally sharp corners.

10, 1 / 3 of protein into the egg yolk batter yogurt to cut from bottom to top or vertical type of stirring things fishing, so that the yolk and the protein fusion, do not cruising stirring to prevent foaming.

11 protein in all egg yolk paste into the pot, still down from the bottom according to vertical shear, or fishing on the type of stirring things, so that the yolk and the protein fusion, cake is a good solution.

12 make the cake in the liquid into the mold, not more than 8 points over the mold to allow space for expansion. Light knock or two and then cake mold to exhaust gas. 13, the outer package layer of aluminum foil in the mold to prevent burned them.

14, add some water in the pan, preheat of about 160 degrees (small oven can be slightly higher), the pour some water in the pan, then baking the mold to release about 60 to 70 minutes. In fact, the temperature low is good, although the longer baking time, but not too easy to crack.

15, the cake baked, remove, cool at room temperature in a bit, put the mold upside down, or two or three hours a night.

16, the cheese cake can be removed from the mold.

17, and then put into the refrigerator overnight cake was delicious.

Lemon cream cake

Production process:

1, softened butter after adding sugar, Whisk for about 5 minutes, until the butter sent, showing the state of bulk light.

2 add beaten eggs three times, and each time has to wait for full integration of eggs and butter, then, together with the next.

3 add lemon juice (this time without stirring.)

4, into the lemon zest (this time without stirring.)

5 sift flour into a bowl.

6, turn mix with a rubber scraper, making butter, lemon juice, lemon zest and flour are mixed into a thick batter. Pour the batter into rectangular forms to the mold, at least about 7 points (usually a small fruits shall die; the amount of this recipe can be done 2.) To mold into a good 180-degree preheated oven and bake about 25 minutes, until the full expansion up and golden brown baked surface display.

7, the cake baked and cooled, the mold release. Cut off the top of the arch together. 8 cut off the top of the cake, thin knife to cut each into 4 slices. 9, first take a cake shop in the table, with a brush stick brush in lemon syrup cake, so that the cake moist. 10 Biaohua lemon butter cream into the bag, the mouth with a small hole in the cake Biaohua squeezed lemon butter cream on. 11, covered with another piece of cake.

12, painted on the lemon syrup, squeezed lemon butter cream. Repeat this step until all four cakes Puwan. Make the cake into the refrigerator freezer for 15 minutes, until the lemon butter cream to harden.

13, the chilled out a good cake, a knife cut off the sides, exposing the neat section.

14, the top of the cake with a layer of the star Biaohua mouth squeezed lemon butter cream for decoration, lemon cream cake is done.

TIPS: 1, make this cake mold section of small fruit, and crisp cherry cake mold is the same. It is very small (you can see the steps to map crisp cherry cake picture in step 13, the ratio of the mold and hand), suitable for baking a variety of small cakes. If your mold sample sizes, it does not matter, if a larger die, you can adjust the ingredients according to the actual proportions and baking time, a long bar made of slightly larger cake. 2, lemon butter cream production methods, please click on the “Baking is a basis for its versatile — butter cream” to see the text of some derivatives at the end. 3, some students compared to the lemon juice wondering: is fresh squeezed lemon juice, lemon juice or concentrated lemon juice or other beverages like it? Explain here in particular: the blog mentioned in the lemon juice recipe, all that fresh lemon juice squeezed out. Buy fresh lemon home, cut in half by hand can be used directly out of juice, Kazakhstan. 4 want to reduce sugar in the recipe students Please note: If you cut too much sugar, this cake may be sourer.

Simple carrot soup


Ingredients: half a semi-radish, minced 50 grams Ingredients:


1 onion sauce: 2 tablespoons miso sauce, chicken powder 1 tsp (also not), white pepper 1 teaspoon soy sauce, half a teaspoon of soy sauce, starch 1 teaspoon cooking wine 1 tablespoon steps: 1 white radish slices; minced meat with a little starch, rice wine, soy sauce and white pepper for 15 minutes.

2, the miso sauce with a little warm water, stirring to melt back; onion cut green onion aside.

3, the white radish slices into the pot, then the two of cold water did not have enough carrots to boil on medium heat to open after the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes, you can add a half teaspoon of sugar, so sweet radish soup cook.

4,add miso paste and mix well.

5, the minced meat mix into the powder, you can add according to your favorite chopped seaweed, chicken powder, sprinkle with chopped green onion, you can turn off the heat.

Most nutrition and health of fruit in the world

As we all know, the health benefit of eating fruit, but what fruit best on health and healing effects can be achieved, but little known. Recently, the United States, “Reader’s Digest” magazine to the fruits emit a rank, introduced the 10 most beneficial fruits for health.

Top-ranked Apple: because Apple is rich in fiber material, can add enough fiber body to reduce heart disease, you can also lose weight. Americans diet each week so one day, this day only eat apples, known as “Apple Day.”

Experimental results show that patients with diabetes eat sour apples; and cardiovascular disease and obesity eat sweet apple; treatment of constipation to eat cooked apples; eat Apples before going to sleep, you can eliminate oral bacteria, improve renal function; if To treat cough and hoarse voice, then eat raw apples pressed into juice; to eat after heating applesauce is good for children and the elderly prescription indigestion.

Second is the apricot: rich in β-carotene can help the body a good intake of vitamin A;

Third is the banana: high content of potassium, which is the human heart and muscle function, it is very good for people’s body;

The fourth is the BlackBerry: Blackberry the same weight of fiber material content is 3 times more than other fruits, is helpful for heart health;

The fifth blueberry: eat can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection;

Sixth is the melon: content of vitamin A and C are high, is the ideal food vitamin;

The seventh Cherry: to help people protect the heart health;

The eighth Blueberry: to help reduce the risk of urinary tract infection;

Ninth, a grapefruit: a high content of vitamin C;

Tenth is the purple grape: the flavonoids and other substances to the heart to provide triple protection.

Women will eat the six anti-aging foods

Many busy and mature women can find time to do despite the beauty, clothes, and even take a supplement, but often neglect their diet and exercise, few opportunities to their contact with nature.

the physical and mental health with a magical power of nature, and these benefits exist in the natural food, sunlight, fresh air and forest meadows which, far from health care products and beauty products that can completely replace the … …

In modern societies, people cannot live in the forest which is also impossible to walk in the sun each day. From nature, in the sun to grow natural food, almost the last human link with the natural link. So, how should you give access to natural anti-aging power?



Fish: Fish can provide women with a lot of high quality protein, and high rate of digestion and absorption. Meanwhile, lower cholesterol levels in fish, while the intake of quality protein, will not bring more cholesterol.

Broccoli: Cruciferous vegetables are rich in antioxidants vitamin C and carotene. Research cruciferous vegetables have been proven to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

Onion: You can clean the blood, helps lower cholesterol. Appropriate lipid-lowering intake of onions and other foods, is an effective method of prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Tofu: soy foods contain a condition known as “isoflavones” chemical substances are an effective antioxidant. For working women, the choice soy products help to strengthen the body’s anti-aging ability.

Cabbage: cruciferous vegetables, is very rich in vitamin C content, promote gastrointestinal motility, allowing the digestive system to maintain youthful vigor, and help the body detoxification.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Carotene is the best anti-aging elements, to maintain the outer layer of body tissue or organ tissue health. While vitamin C and E can be generated by delaying cell aging caused by oxidation, so youthful looks permanent.

Seven methods to eat fruits damage healthy


         First, avoid eating fruits immediately after a meal immediately after a meal to eat fruit, this is not only to help digestion, but it can cause flatulence and constipation. Thus, eating fruit after a meal should be 2 hours or 1 hour before meals.

         Second, do not eat fruit and avoid some fruits contain a variety of mouthwash carbohydrate fermentation; there is a strong corrosive to the teeth after eating if mouthwash, oral residues in fruit could easily lead to tooth decay.

         Third, excessive consumption of fruit and not eat too much fruit will make human copper deficiency, which leads to elevated blood cholesterol, causes heart disease, eating fruit in a short time so not too much.


        Fourth, avoid unhealthy food to eat fruit and fruit began to rot, and no dust, fly equipment was not any fruit thoroughly disinfected, such as strawberries, mulberry, sliced watermelon, prone to diarrhea, typhoid fever, acute gastroenteritis, etc. gastrointestinal diseases.

         Fifth, avoid using alcohol disinfectant alcohol, fruit, although fruit can kill surface bacteria, but will cause fruit color, smell, taste changes, alcohol and fruit acids, will reduce the nutritional value of fruits.

       Sixth, do not peel raw fruits and avoid some that peel than the pulp of high vitamin content, which together with skin consumption of fruit to eat. As everyone knows, fruit pests and diseases occur, they often use pesticides Pensha, pesticides will be soaked and left in the peel wax, the result of pesticide residues in the peel than the pulp is much higher.

       seventh, hanged by a kitchen knife kitchen knife often cut contact with meat, fruit, fish, vegetables, parasites or parasite eggs will bring fruit, people infected with parasitic diseases. Especially the kitchen knife and apple rust on the tannic acid contained in a chemical reaction will be to make Apple’s color, smell and taste worse.

How to keep a healthy break in winter

       Method One: Do not join the intense work jobs at once after dinner. The nervous system needs to relax and rest. You can use this time to chat with your colleagues, talking about exchange anecdotes of life or health experience. If you best friends also work nearby, it is the best time to enjoy the sunshine while you can talk about feelings. A woman is born to talk, which is a reason that women are longer than men. It is Similar to the treatment of psychological catharsis; chat is to ease the pressure, a good way to clear the mental garbage. Best chatting. To stand 15-30 minutes after a meal is the best one’s health, not only conducive to digestion and absorption of food, but also to prevent a small pot, remove gastroptosis patients, while walking and talking better.

Method Two: cleansing, release fatigue OL Japan the way they like to pull themselves together through the wash. This is indeed a good idea, similar to the French woman with a lip gloss for their prompt return to look good. After a busy morning, you can use the lunch break time to thoroughly clean the face, the skin breathe, add water, so that my whole afternoon was radiant and feel good.

Method three: break from busy afternoon nap at 1 o’clock, the mental state at low ebb, if they can quietly take a break, for nourishing the heart, repose are a lot of good. Find a quiet corner, lay down, stretched body, a U-neck pillow, a lumbar cushion, leaned back in a chair, eyes closed for 20 minutes, is a very pleasant thing. Or cannot settle down if the environment is noisy, you can put on headphones to hear soothing music, as long cleared yourself of vanity, even sleep for 5 minutes well. Wake up, drink a glass of water, you can ramp up to meet the spirit of the afternoon’s work.

Method four: add energy to play games on the office full of spring as we watch, there is always finishing the job. Lunch break is your health stop, want to improve brain power, can take advantage of lunch time to do some little mental game. For example, colleagues and playing bridge, chess, or do some interesting craft, hands and brains. In short, all the immersion of the game to make them happy lunch time is the health of your choice.

Method five: walk outside sunshine sometimes, we feel sleepy, it is not because of lack of sleep, but less than or yang qi and blood deficiency, so, but would get more sleep difficulties, the more sleep the more there is no spirit. At this time, you may wish to opposite, the use of the sun at noon time to arrange some outdoor activities. Time not too long, not too large intensity of activities, both to relieve the pressure, gymnastics, effectively increase the blood to run, also to allow the brain to rest. Walking is the most appropriate lunch break activities. After lunch near the middle of the street to the work unit garden, green belts, walking areas such as clean air, sufficient oxygen to your brain cells infiltration, let the sun warm on your back (or you can go down the side walk, basking back muscle exercise at the same time), so that birds and flowers delight your mood. In more open space, you can do to stop broadcasting the sections stretch gymnastics or yoga, so that my slightly sweaty.

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