How to live a cozy life

In today’s world of 2 minute instant cup of noodles, there are lots of speculations about how to adopt the healthy eating methods to achieve those healthy families. A healthy eating plan is helpful to a great extent as it includes major calculations about the nutrients and ingredients that a human body needs. One of the most important points of healthy living is never to skip breakfasts as they are the most significant part of a day’s meals and they are able to keep you going for the entire day. Another big problem people can’t seem to remember is not to eat so many big meals. Instead, meals should be broken down into several smaller meals per day so that the body is able to absorb the food more efficiently. Many healthy families have reported that as a part of healthy lifestyles, they follow a regular time table for their meals and by having meals at the right time daily, they are able to keep themselves in perfect shapes.
When we talk about healthy food and healthy eating habits, the very first thing that comes to our mind includes fruits and vegetables. No doubt but they should be a mandatory part of a person’s diet without which, a proper nutritious diet is not possible at all. While looking for healthy eating foods, you should ensure that they are natural and organic as far as possible. You should try to avoid artificial and canned foods as far as possible and also make sure that you consume some cereals also for your breakfast. These are healthy foods to be eaten in the morning as they are able to provide enough energy to the person’s body. It is also better to eat green foods as much as possible as they are extremely rich in nutrients like calcium, fiber and vitamin C.
Some of the most popular healthy food items include Broccoli, wild salmon, grape tomatoes, milk and sweet potatoes. It is wise to make a list of which foods you should eat and which foods you should avoid so that it will become easier to understand which foods you should consume. The main type of food that should be avoided are fats and foods that contain too much of sugar. Healthy foods such as different types of nuts not only provide a lot of energy to the body but also a great deal of body strength.
People who believe in healthy lifestyle and healthy living are looking for ways through which they can prepare food at their own home. We all know the unhealthy ways of dealing with food in restaurants and unreliable quality of grains ground in grinding mills in the market. Several healthy cooking equipments are available in the market including juicers, flour and grain mills, blenders, sprouters and cookers so that you can prepare your own food with your own hands and eliminate any chances of adulteration and unhygienic methods of cooking. All these healthy cooking equipments help the consumers to carry out all methods of cooking at their own home including sprouting, roasting, baking and blending and adopt a healthy lifestyle of living.

How get more sleep for the health at weekend

In Saturday or Sunday morning, parents shout to children dragged up from the bed early, this is may not be conducive to their health. Scientists have discovered that not a lazy weekend lie-faire, it may be essential for health.

Researchers tested the volunteers showed up late occasionally is the suppression of sleep affects the health of important “antidote.” The results have certainly been fortunate enough to sleep a little longer weekend welcomed people, experts said: “The chronic lack of sleep, sleep the morning after an hour or two of flexibility for the continued recovery operations have important benefits. Enough recovery time for sleep, the brain response to long-term the impact of lack of sleep is essential.

Lack of sleep affects people’s way of thinking, stress coping style and emotional control. It also damages the immune system, increase the risk of infection. In this study, the average age of 142 adults 30 years of age are required from 4:00 to 8:00 4 hours of sleep for 5 nights. Weekends, the volunteers were asked to sleep from 6 – from 0 hours to 10 hours – choose a night of “restoration of sleep.” Another control group of 17 people, 10 hours sleep at night. Unsurprisingly, in the tests, the performance of sleep, lack of volunteers has been a good control group than the rest bad.

However, the lack of sleep can sleep late only once a week to improve intelligence, the longer sleep late, they more alert. However, limited sleep, sleep 10 hours after the volunteers even attention, reaction time and fatigue are still worse than the control group. At the same time, the second study showed that 7 hours of sleep is the best time.

Expert studies have shown that sleep per day (including naps) for less than 5 hours suffering from angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke doubled the risk. However, over 7 hours of sleep also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although sleep duration and cannot explain the link between heart problems, but previous studies have shown that sleep deprivation may increase blood pressure and increased risk of diabetes.

10 Tips for eat vegetables

1. Often eat tomatoes in the meal before eating should not eat tomatoes, tomatoes should eat after the meal. This can greatly reduce gastric acid and food acid mixture, to avoid gastric distention caused by stomach pressure increases, so that the baby produces abdominal pain, stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

2. Made of mud mixed carrot and radish sauce, carrot and radish together not to ground into a mud sauce. Because carrots contain vitamin C can destroy the enzymes in the vitamin C will radish completely destroyed.

3. Excessive consumption of carotene, although carotene on the baby is very nutritious, but also pay attention to adequate food.

Baby carrots or drinking too much to make the vegetable tomato juice, carrot are likely to cause anemia, so that the face and hands turned orange-yellow skin, loss of appetite, mental instability, restlessness, or even do not sleep practical, accompanied by night terrors, crying, talking in your sleep and other symptoms.

4. Mushrooms soaked in water to wash too clean or wash the mushrooms were not nutrition, and mushrooms contain lysergic Zi alcohol, after receiving sunlight into vitamin D. However, if excessive washing before eating or soaked in water, it will lose a lot of nutrients. When cooking mushrooms, wok or copper pots can be used not to avoid nutrient loss.

5. Taste like fried bean sprouts bean sprouts quality tender delicious, nutritious, but be sure to eat the fry. Otherwise, after eating nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms persist.

6. Too much to eat spinach, baby spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, should not give your baby too much to eat. Oxalic acid in the body with calcium and zinc in formation of calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate, easy to absorb out of the body of calcium and zinc in the intestinal absorption of calcium easily lead to the baby, zinc deficiency, resulting in bones, teeth dysplasia, and also affect intellectual development.

7. No use boiling water to scald the baby had to eat bitter gourd in the oxalic acid would hinder the absorption of calcium in food.

Therefore, before eating bitter melon should be first boiled in boiling water to remove oxalic acid, need to add a lot of calcium your baby can not eat too much of the bitter melon.

8. Chives cooked too long after the store into a drug overnight chive, chives are doing are best to eat, do not keep well. If stored for too long, which will change a lot of nitrate to nitrite, causing toxicity / response. In addition, the babies cannot Chi Jiucai indigestion.

9. The green leafy vegetables and simmer for a long time to eat green leafy vegetables in the cooking to simmer for too long. Otherwise, green leafy vegetables; nitrate will be converted into nitrite, easy to make baby food poisoning.

10. Frozen vegetables frozen vegetables cooked too long and most have been fooled before, not cooked too long, or they will rot and lose a lot of nutrition.


Healthy eating out

Who wants to eat their way to health and longevity, we must follow the following eight principles of nutrition:

The first drink: drink plenty of water, soup, drink less alcohol, strong coffee and sugary drinks packaging.

Second how much to eat: Do not diet, eat breakfast will be a time to eat Qicheng full.

Third how to eat: can be eaten raw, undercooked food; to cooking, do not fry; can fry, bake not fried.

The fourth what is more eat: frequently eat fish, seafood, seaweed, meat, eggs, natural oils, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, fruits, and fungi such as carbs green foods, especially deep-sea fish.

The fifth what is less eat: strict control of refined sugar and starch.

Sixth eat nothing: to avoid bad fats, including hydrogenated oils, high temperature oil, limiting salad oil, cooking oil.

The seventh what is to avoid: try to avoid harmful substances, including smoking, pollution, preserved foods, hormones, drugs and food additives.

What is the eighth meeting: to add a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, including vitamins, selenium, zinc and natural chemical plants such as soybeans, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, pumpkin seeds and so on.

Adhere to the eight principles, with moderate aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking 45 minutes a day or more); life can be extended not only, but also the young people.


The food eat before going to bed will not gain weight

1. Banana: Let the muscles relax and can aid digestion is actually wrapped in banana peel, “sleeping pills”, in addition to serotonin and melatonin smooth, but it contains may have the effect of muscle relaxation to magnesium. In addition, eating bananas before bed does not cause weight gain, as it low calorie and rich in dietary fiber content, can promote bowel movements.

2. Chrysanthemum tea: concentration, static natural gas have become the bedtime prescription preparation of tea, chrysanthemum tea drink of choice, mainly because of its role in soft Sleep is the best natural gas concentration, static prescription.

3. Warm milk: sedative effect of tryptophan to play a cup of warm milk before bedtime can help sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk contains a tryptophan amino acid as it can play as a sedative effect. Rest assured that drinking milk before bed will not only get fat, but also t can add the body of calcium.

4. Honey: helps to bedtime to relax in your warm milk or herbal tea into a small amount of honey, some glucose can induce your brain to stop eating hormone production, consumption factor is the recent discovery of a relevant and maintain a clear neurotransmitters.

A lot of sugar stimulants, but a small amount of glucose to the brain secrete a timely manner suggests orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), a newly discovered reaction and thinking related to neurotransmitters. A few drops of honey to warm milk or herbal tea before bed is also helpful to relax.

5. Potatoes: Clear hamper sleep compound everyone knows the secret of potatoes to lose weight, but you know what? It can also help you sleep Oh! Rid of it can induce sleep interference from the acid tryptophan. To achieve this effect, you just broken up after the baked potato in the food can be mixed with warm milk.

A small baked potato that will not disrupt your gastrointestinal tract; on the contrary it can play clear and hypnotic effects that prevent the acid tryptophan compounds. If the warm milk mixture made of mashed potatoes, the result will be more of the rod Oh!


When the baby Need pillow

People used to think, we must have a pillow when sleeping, so I called the just-born infants have a small pillow. We say that this totally unnecessary, it is not conducive to normal development of newborns. Because the newborn spine is straight, so when lying down, back and back of the head in the same plane, the state will not cause muscle tension caused by stiff neck; with the head of newborn, almost shoulder width, side also It is natural, newborn without pillows. If you elevate the head is, but easy to form the head and neck bent, breathing and swallowing of newborn, or even accidents. In order to prevent the spits, the baby may be slightly elevating the upper body 1 cm.


When the baby grows to 3 to 4 months, neck, spine began to bend forward, then go to bed pillow when the pillow one centimeter high. Length to seven ~ eight months started to learn to sit when the baby started chest spine backward bending of the shoulder also developed wider, then the children should go to bed pillow about 3 cm high. Too high, too low is not conducive to normal development of sleep and the body, often easy to form high pillow hump pillow.

In the folk, people often give to newborn a hard and high pillow, so that the development of newborn spine affected. According to the physiological characteristics of newborns, make sure the normal development of the child, developmental characteristics; do not give newborn a pillow.


How to eat fruits in Spring


Apple is nutritious; it is a widely used natural beauty fruit. Apple contained large amounts of water and a variety of moisturizing factor on the skin moisturizing effect, vitamin c can inhibit the melanin in the skin calm, eat apples dilute facial freckles and melasma. In addition, it is rich in apple acid components and makes the skin smooth, with acne effect.


Banana is a delicious seasonal fruit, but also it can improve the skin problems, all from the inside to the outside because of the banana has a very rich nutrition, banana pulp has a role in lowering cholesterol, the most amazing banana skin pigment is also inhibition of fungi and bacteria, treatment of skin purities, if often eat bananas can nourish the skin and prevent dry skin.


Grape is rich in high nutritional value, it can Spleen and stomach, and people like the taste of sweet, and has been the fruit of their appearance has become a symbol of good fortune. Although the autumn grape sugar content, but it is easily absorbed glucose, appropriate food will not cause too great a burden. In addition, and maintenance of its antioxidant effect is evident.

If you feel depressed in winter, you can enjoy the sun

In winter many people will have emotional depression, depressed mood, and this is winter depression at work. Seasons caused by mental problems known as “seasonal mental disorder,” winter depression is more common kind. The most typical example of winter depression include sleep and eating habits, persistent low mood, loss of interest in such activities. How to care is the key.

Modern medical research that resulted in the etiology of winter depression is less sunlight in winter, the body clock cannot adapt to changes in sunlight causes shortened circadian rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders, signs of emotional and mental state of disorder.

The human brain called the pineal gland in the kind, sensitive to the sun. It is through the nerve fibers associated with the eye, when the strong sun, the pineal gland inhibited by the sun, reduces the secretion of hormones. And when the sunlight decreases, the pineal gland excited, the more hormones secreted. The hormones regulate the body’s other hormones “skills.” When it is secreted for a long time, the body of thyroxine, epinephrine secretion decreased, reduce the concentration in the cell,

Both hormones can evoke excitement once the reduction of cells will lead to cell is not active, people would be in a depression, low mood, it is easy to feel tired.

In the winter, shorter days and longer days, suffering from depression, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in humans is often too much.

In the winter, because of the weather, people must wear a lot. At this time, the distance between people will shorter than usual, prone to claustrophobic feeling. Study found that patients with winter depression tend to prefer high-sugar and high starch food, body weight significantly increased fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate. In general, these symptoms appear from the end of autumn horizon, in the following year in January and February when the most obvious symptoms until after the spring will not be eased.

Experts suggest that prevention of winter depression is a good way to take advantage of sunny days and more sunshine.

If you continue to cloudy, it may be appropriate to adjust the indoor lighting highlights. Especially at night, do not always move along in the dim light.

Conditions permitting, you can use the winter break, a sunny place. In addition, to enhance outdoor activities, daily walk outdoors. In daily life, many eyes closed, body and mind relax. In the diet, eat more fish, cereals and green vegetables. If in winter, more obvious symptoms of depression, affecting normal life and work, you should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible, for psychological treatment.


Seven things should be done in spring

1. Protect the liver and gallbladder is most important. Liver and gallbladder in the spring will make some small problems become more serious. To protect the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to avoid any chemicals in the environment, eat less animal fat and fried foods, eat less to the hotel, away from the use of poor-quality cooking oil, the nuts a day is best to eat 1-2. Should eat a good oil, such as nuts and seeds with olive oil and pressed oil, lubricants as they like, let your body part more flexible, healthy, easy to rust. Liver comfortable, human ligaments, tendons and joints will not be stiff.

2. The “physical clean-up.” Spring is the season to remove the body also needs cleaning.

Drink fruit juice can be bowel, two weeks without any sugar and caffeine intake, smoking, etc. are all good choices. In addition, the spring is best alcohol, diet not excessive, seven full on it, and so that makes your body more energy.

3. Spring should eat bean sprouts. The growth of bean sprouts in a constant process, one of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, the most alive. In the spring recovery of all things, human body is especially in need of such high quality nutrition. In addition, lettuce, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, fresh spring growth, as well as strawberries, cherries and other seasonal fruits, and most healthy.

4. Suitable for stretching exercises.

Through the cold of winter, the human body is curled up as if, so spring is the most suitable for stretching exercises to awaken the body. Best to do yoga young, the elderly can practice your breathing.

5. Most B vitamins should be supplemented. The human brain is easy spring in the excited state, while the B vitamins are calming effect on the nervous system, help to enhance cellular energy, but also to prevent mosquitoes breeding in spring. In addition, the meeting point of calcium and magnesium also help calm the nervous system and muscles, relieve anxiety or insomnia.

6. to the outdoors and the earth “resonance.” Spring, the outdoor air is not only fresh flowers can make people relax and reduce stress.

The most important thing is, when the vibration of the earth about 8 Hz per second, with the same rhythm of human brain α wave, most people feel comfortable, long-term anxiety, the brain has some healing effect.

7. Herbs to help spring detoxification. Spring growth of many herbs can play a role in detoxification. Such as senna to bowel; dandelion is a liver need help heal damaged liver; licorice helps digestion and energy balance and reduce stress. In addition, mint, rosemary or lavender and raised petals, flowers and fumigation, but also help clean the skin and sinuses.

7 deadly foods

Carrot, radish and carrots are rich in carotene, vitamin A, trace elements to meet the needs of the body; white radish with small ginseng in the title, there is support in the effectiveness of qi. These two seem the healthiest most nutritious food, once cooked together, will destroy the body’s absorption of vitamin C!

We all know that white radish in the vitamin C content is high, but it contains carrot enzyme called ascorbic acid, these two elements will be given rise to meet extraordinary if the “spark.” The end result is a white radish in the vitamin C is destroyed, its nutritional value will naturally be greatly reduced, and toxic substances.


Tofu is a traditional Chinese cuisine, with the lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects. However, the process of using tofu, if not more attention, is likely to become a “fatal food!”

If you ever find any food to eat tofu with no problem, then you are wrong. Tofu with honey, brown sugar, milk, eat together will cause food poisoning. In particular, many people like soup with tofu and spinach that would be more nutritious and healthier, in fact not, because the tofu with spinach to eat may cause stones. Tofu contains magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, two substances, and the oxalic acid in spinach, along with magnesium and oxalic acid is generated when the calcium oxalate.

These are two white precipitate, which not only affects the human body to absorb calcium, but also easily lead to end the stone disease. Similarly, the tofu cannot be with bamboo shoots, wild rice, chestnuts equivalent to eating.

Tomato is rich in lycopene, vitamins especially vitamin C rich, help the body’s health. Can be made sweet and sour tomato sauce, mix and match were very delicious. But if you prefer to cook tomatoes with fish, then you made an error, because the tomatoes in vitamin C would be the release of fish produced in the copper inhibition. Thus generated can stimulate the formation of indigestible tannin gastric material; people suffer from abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting sickness.


Crucian carp meat tender and delicious in taste and high nutritional value, rich in protein and minerals, is women’s tonic yield.

However, there are a lot of carp using taboos, such as carp soup pot, when we joined the practice of pork or liver are wrong, they produce harmful substances. The carp cooked with melon, easily lead to dehydration of the phenomenon, which Road delicious soup once the majority of the family dinner table-side, but I do not know because the fish itself contains many trace elements, will reduce the nutritional value of the melon is not that it may be the body will dehydrate.

Salmon with exquisite Japanese cuisine, nutrition, received a comprehensive welcome.

Many people like salmon sashimi, that it is delicious lubrication, and can be eaten raw to preserve its nutrients better, but it is kind of cute pink is the coloring from the feed, and your favorite plump thick from Artificial feeding of antibiotics used in add.

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