Lemon cream cake

Production process:

1, softened butter after adding sugar, Whisk for about 5 minutes, until the butter sent, showing the state of bulk light.

2 add beaten eggs three times, and each time has to wait for full integration of eggs and butter, then, together with the next.

3 add lemon juice (this time without stirring.)

4, into the lemon zest (this time without stirring.)

5 sift flour into a bowl.

6, turn mix with a rubber scraper, making butter, lemon juice, lemon zest and flour are mixed into a thick batter. Pour the batter into rectangular forms to the mold, at least about 7 points (usually a small fruits shall die; the amount of this recipe can be done 2.) To mold into a good 180-degree preheated oven and bake about 25 minutes, until the full expansion up and golden brown baked surface display.

7, the cake baked and cooled, the mold release. Cut off the top of the arch together. 8 cut off the top of the cake, thin knife to cut each into 4 slices. 9, first take a cake shop in the table, with a brush stick brush in lemon syrup cake, so that the cake moist. 10 Biaohua lemon butter cream into the bag, the mouth with a small hole in the cake Biaohua squeezed lemon butter cream on. 11, covered with another piece of cake.

12, painted on the lemon syrup, squeezed lemon butter cream. Repeat this step until all four cakes Puwan. Make the cake into the refrigerator freezer for 15 minutes, until the lemon butter cream to harden.

13, the chilled out a good cake, a knife cut off the sides, exposing the neat section.

14, the top of the cake with a layer of the star Biaohua mouth squeezed lemon butter cream for decoration, lemon cream cake is done.

TIPS: 1, make this cake mold section of small fruit, and crisp cherry cake mold is the same. It is very small (you can see the steps to map crisp cherry cake picture in step 13, the ratio of the mold and hand), suitable for baking a variety of small cakes. If your mold sample sizes, it does not matter, if a larger die, you can adjust the ingredients according to the actual proportions and baking time, a long bar made of slightly larger cake. 2, lemon butter cream production methods, please click on the “Baking is a basis for its versatile — butter cream” to see the text of some derivatives at the end. 3, some students compared to the lemon juice wondering: is fresh squeezed lemon juice, lemon juice or concentrated lemon juice or other beverages like it? Explain here in particular: the blog mentioned in the lemon juice recipe, all that fresh lemon juice squeezed out. Buy fresh lemon home, cut in half by hand can be used directly out of juice, Kazakhstan. 4 want to reduce sugar in the recipe students Please note: If you cut too much sugar, this cake may be sourer.

Stunning scenery on the border of Xinjiang

High latitudes to the south of Altai longitude of the sun forgot to bring the difference, 7 :00am, sent north to the sunny morning. Uncle Ivan listening to Russian folk songs to play on the car, we left still sleeping Burqin to the road. Target the west, reaching as far as the myth of the lake.

Unconsciously, the car to the border between China and Kazakhstan, Irtysh River winding connected to this piece of land and water split into two countries, watch tower, roll back and forth on the flag into the wind, a division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to station here. In 1952, hundreds of thousands of PLA soldiers quietly took off his military uniform, pick up a shovel hoe, welcoming front of empty sand desert and the sky … … a few decades, a rise in the desert Metro Block, a piece of barren farmland rewritten, This is three generations of youth and dedication. Corps often filed with the local people, no matter what nationality, what religion, the answer is surprising consensus: a hero!

Baishahu and Crescent Moon Spring in Dunhuang, just as a “Lake of the desert” because the traffic is very inconvenient, where the beaten track. While Uncle Ivan described the beauty of it many times, but when the lake Appear in front of me, I was shocked – it is small and elegant, incorporating all the beauty of the surrounding elements: the blue sky reflected on the clouds of white sand dunes which, staggered gorgeous , like a living Xiujin; the wind like a reed ulterior motives in the rolling brush, brought back a touch Qingyi; wild charge of the flowering is over, but the leaves still green; near Yang has several strains of red yellow birch, with heroic vigorous rubbings Autumn mark.

I tried to close this fantasy wonderland, he was blocking the path dense reed and after several attempts hind legs are scratched, and several Ta, I finally stopped – perhaps this meant that no one can encroach on holy, honor Encounter has been a blessing lies.

Baishahu shapes such as peas, slowly circumnavigated the week, only 1 hour. No talking, do not think I did was to walk quietly and slowly read, and continue to press the hands of the camera’s shutter, no matter what the point of view, it is so perfect with no regrets. In addition to the bird flew over the lake playing duck, almost nothing can disturb this isolation.