How get more sleep for the health at weekend

In Saturday or Sunday morning, parents shout to children dragged up from the bed early, this is may not be conducive to their health. Scientists have discovered that not a lazy weekend lie-faire, it may be essential for health.

Researchers tested the volunteers showed up late occasionally is the suppression of sleep affects the health of important “antidote.” The results have certainly been fortunate enough to sleep a little longer weekend welcomed people, experts said: “The chronic lack of sleep, sleep the morning after an hour or two of flexibility for the continued recovery operations have important benefits. Enough recovery time for sleep, the brain response to long-term the impact of lack of sleep is essential.

Lack of sleep affects people’s way of thinking, stress coping style and emotional control. It also damages the immune system, increase the risk of infection. In this study, the average age of 142 adults 30 years of age are required from 4:00 to 8:00 4 hours of sleep for 5 nights. Weekends, the volunteers were asked to sleep from 6 – from 0 hours to 10 hours – choose a night of “restoration of sleep.” Another control group of 17 people, 10 hours sleep at night. Unsurprisingly, in the tests, the performance of sleep, lack of volunteers has been a good control group than the rest bad.

However, the lack of sleep can sleep late only once a week to improve intelligence, the longer sleep late, they more alert. However, limited sleep, sleep 10 hours after the volunteers even attention, reaction time and fatigue are still worse than the control group. At the same time, the second study showed that 7 hours of sleep is the best time.

Expert studies have shown that sleep per day (including naps) for less than 5 hours suffering from angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke doubled the risk. However, over 7 hours of sleep also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although sleep duration and cannot explain the link between heart problems, but previous studies have shown that sleep deprivation may increase blood pressure and increased risk of diabetes.

The worst sleeping habits

1, before going to bed, people angry will make rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, a myriad of thoughts, making it difficult to sleep.

2, overeat before bedtime, to intensify the gastrointestinal digestion, the full of stomach will continue to stimulate the brain. Brain has the excitement; people will not fall asleep.

3, drinking tea before bedtime, tea contains caffeine and other substances that stimulate the central nervous system, especially tea, central nervous system will be more exciting, people easily fall asleep.

4, vigorous exercise before going to bed, it makes the brain nerve cells that control muscle activity showed a very strong excited state, this excited in a short time will not calm down, people will not soon fall asleep. So, before going to bed you should try to keep the body calm, but you may also wish to make some minor activities such as walking and so on.

5, the pillow is too high, from a physiological point of view, the pillow at 8 to 12 cm is appropriate. Too low, it is likely to cause “stiff neck”, or because of excessive blood flow to the brain, causing mind made up the next day, swollen eyelids; it can affect airway smooth, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, it is easily lead to neck discomfort or hunchback.

6 sleeping under the head when his hands, in addition to affecting blood circulation, causing numbness in upper limb pain, but also easy to make intra-abdominal pressure increases, over time there will be a “reflux esophagitis.” So, I slept with both hands as a pillow is not appropriate.

7, hooded quilt to be masked easily cause difficulty in breathing; the same time, inhale their exhaled carbon dioxide; it is extremely detrimental to health. Infants and young children are even more inappropriate for this, otherwise the risk of suffocation.

8, breathing is the best way to maintain their strength, and mouth breathing not only inhale the dust, and easily so that the trachea, lungs, and ribs were cold stimulation.

Best nose breathing, nose to block the part of the dust, nasal inhalation of cold air can be heated, is healthy.

9, facing the wind to sleep will reduce the environmental changes; it is easy get a cold. The ancients believed that the wind is riddled with long, good deeds and several variables; good tune photographed, although improper height of summer, under the wind and the Health and lying exposed. Therefore, to avoid the outlet should be a place to sleep, the bed away from windows, doors have a certain distance is appropriate.

10, some people have enough to eat sleep sitting sofa to sit, turn on the TV brewed pot of tea, enough comfortable.

Sometimes, the work is too tired to fall asleep watching TV, which makes the hidden there! Because sitting sleep will make heart rate slowly, blood vessels expand, blood flow to various organs also less. Coupled with the stomach needs to digest the blood supply, thereby increasing the cerebral hypoxia, resulting in dizziness, ringing in the ears appear.


Happy people are healthier?

Most people are struggling to search for two things – happy and healthy. For a long time, we believe that happiness and health are two relatively independent goals. We know that, if healthy, we most likely will be unhappy, but we also know that even if we do not experience pain the suffering, the same may not be happy. Happy people do look healthy, in fact, to maintain a happy state of mind itself makes good health. Happiness is like a person’s smoking habits that affect a person as an important factor in good health. What also worried about a heart attack or stroke? Want to stay away from cold it? One study showed that the same cold virus, those who think he is very happy people are less likely to cold. They are infected with the virus, but they showed fewer symptoms. Always depressed? It is best to see your doctor: Studies show that depression in adults suffering from type II diabetes 60% higher than the average person. The reason is probably because the stress hormone cortisol due to increased blood sugar.

Your own life and work will also affect the degree of control over the happiness, and thus affect your health. For example, those who can easily get medical information of patients, than those who do not easily get medical information of patients are happier. Those who are barely control their own work, or nothing to say on the performance of people, compared to other people, seems to be unhappy. So, how do to make them happier? Research suggests that happiness can be cultivated through meditation and improved. In addition, some experiences, such as tourism, in the long run than the easier for the possession of material wealth make us happy.

In fact, happiness is not necessarily for health will have to wait for many years shown. As long as you maintain the optimistic state three years, it can play the role, you will easily find yourself becoming healthier.