My happiness family

My families have five people, father, mother, sister, brother, and I , when we are young, my parents often went out making money for our tuitions, in winter, it is cold, they worked for others every day,  sometimes, in order to work, they have no time to have lunch, many thing moved us, we three worked hard in school, now I have grown up, I want to let my parents live a cosy life in future, my sister is a nurse, brother is a worker in a famous truck company, each time, when I call to my family, I care about them as much as possible, so that they do not worry about us, we will take care of ourselves Well,We are also pleased to say things, but also make them more happy,I feel my family is happiness, we will happiness forever.


Thanksgivingday, Thank the parents

Thanksgiving, the holiday seems part of the West is also of great significance to the Chinese people. Gratitude of education in China is from generation to generation transmission. Childhood teacher told us to human kind, Gratitude. So, on Thanksgiving Day is approaching, that pops out of the shadow of a Mama be grateful. Praised the thousands of parents is back, and friends are often remembered, there are some people so little that we think will never forget. That is our teacher, education, the growth of our mentor. Growth is a Sentimental, ups and downs along the way with us for decades the most is the teacher in addition to family and friends. In my memory, many a teacher, you are the most special. Thanksgiving, please allow me to tell you the sound thanks. Education over the years, you have been my most beloved teacher. You are the first day of my class, I grew the most important time spent under your education. Not so much education, but rather that company. You like friends, like a family that cares about each student. I, the promise is a good point because the results Thanks for your indulgence sake doubly receive care. I remember I started this math is poor, especially word problems a lot worse. You arranged a five word problems, I think the night is a question too stunned to answer no. So shame, guilt tears come streaming to carrying that night I actually cried for a long time. The next day morning reading lesson, you see my swollen eyes ask me how I was not crying. Disappointing year and could not stop my tears flow out. You touch my head and immediately asked me how anxious, until I choked and said, did not finish until your heart smile, and then one question one question repeatedly explained to me. Each step is so clearly in place, looking at your red because of the cold cold hands, tears began to open to the mixing. This is just a point of vast memory of it, but enough for me to remember life. Good people around you know, I appreciate the deeper Bale. Started this year, in your careful education, my score by leaps and bounds, all the teachers have become the object of praise. So, you will also take care of me. But I did not let your peace of mind, in my grades to a new height, into a puppy love. It was a rebellious youth, I would not then listen to the parents, and is no longer good for your students, I began to get loose, and even decadent. Boyfriend wrote all day and small, forget the job also came to homework. What is the psychology that you no longer speak to me then? Have a question for me individually to explain the morning reading lesson, you will not ask me to learn things related; had braved the rain to push my broken bike home in the repair of the car you no longer care about the health of the; have each class are looking for me to answer questions you never read to my name … time has passed away, never going past and wanted to tell you the sound thanks, although you may not remember me. Dear teacher, you health? There are naughty to steal your chalk student? You will also help students to repair a bicycle? Look, so many years, I still remember the bit you gave me warmth. Still remember you gave me moving. The so-called father day life as a teacher, I always remember your good heart. Thanksgiving, and I can not go back to his alma mater, just write a little memories here. Simple words spoken can not put all the gratitude Road to make, really hope you can be perceived from afar, though you do not see my heartfelt words, I hope your heart will be touched by a Simo Ming. Then I suddenly remembered, that you have liked student. Years of stealing turn, the distances a blessing to your side, look dear teacher health and happiness.