Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor in Chinese history, he has the great cause of reunification of China, Burning of the Books of the crime have on the merits and demerits of the emperor, and he is still a topic of debate historians. His sharp thinking, behavior, fruit sensation, ambitious, good at trickery, while violent and cruel, ruthless, opinionated and profusion, all the emperor is always full of thousands of years of mystery. In 1974, villagers in digging Linton large and small residues found figurines, which during the Qin Shi Huang’s political economic and cultural situation of gradual military display in front of the world. 1979 National Day of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum of large-scale grand opening.

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, rare in the world after the opening, quickly stir abroad, known as “the eighth wonder of the world” is of the most important archaeological discoveries. Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses of its large size, powerful scenes, and superb science, art level make the audience amazed.

Thanks to the ancient city of Xian Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, it is soon to become the country’s most important tourist cities. Domestic and foreign visitors have come here especially. Visiting foreign heads of state in our country and other guests most have to visit the terracotta warriors and horses included in the agenda. To date, Terracotta Warriors Museum has received more than 4,000 million overseas tourists, of which more than 400 million foreign visitors and foreign heads of government level more than 100 guests, the Prime Minister Prime Minister more than 250 people. Notably the United States President Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, French President Francois Mitterrand, Chirac, Queen Elizabeth II, German President for Erzuo Ke, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita, Murayama and Emperor Akihito, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee shine, such as United Nations Secretary General Ghali, in short, it is more numerous. Terracotta pit about 1 km east of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum half, people has made one, two, three pit III. One pit was discovered when local farmers digging, drilling has been found after two pit III. One pits the most, from east to west 230 meters, 612 meters wide and a total area of 14,260 square meters. Buried in the pit, about 6,000 life-size terracotta figures, has been cleared of the more than 1,000. Body found in the ground so much, so much the number, shape of such realistic figurines, it is an incredible thing.

Stunning scenery on the border of Xinjiang

High latitudes to the south of Altai longitude of the sun forgot to bring the difference, 7 :00am, sent north to the sunny morning. Uncle Ivan listening to Russian folk songs to play on the car, we left still sleeping Burqin to the road. Target the west, reaching as far as the myth of the lake.

Unconsciously, the car to the border between China and Kazakhstan, Irtysh River winding connected to this piece of land and water split into two countries, watch tower, roll back and forth on the flag into the wind, a division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to station here. In 1952, hundreds of thousands of PLA soldiers quietly took off his military uniform, pick up a shovel hoe, welcoming front of empty sand desert and the sky … … a few decades, a rise in the desert Metro Block, a piece of barren farmland rewritten, This is three generations of youth and dedication. Corps often filed with the local people, no matter what nationality, what religion, the answer is surprising consensus: a hero!

Baishahu and Crescent Moon Spring in Dunhuang, just as a “Lake of the desert” because the traffic is very inconvenient, where the beaten track. While Uncle Ivan described the beauty of it many times, but when the lake Appear in front of me, I was shocked – it is small and elegant, incorporating all the beauty of the surrounding elements: the blue sky reflected on the clouds of white sand dunes which, staggered gorgeous , like a living Xiujin; the wind like a reed ulterior motives in the rolling brush, brought back a touch Qingyi; wild charge of the flowering is over, but the leaves still green; near Yang has several strains of red yellow birch, with heroic vigorous rubbings Autumn mark.

I tried to close this fantasy wonderland, he was blocking the path dense reed and after several attempts hind legs are scratched, and several Ta, I finally stopped – perhaps this meant that no one can encroach on holy, honor Encounter has been a blessing lies.

Baishahu shapes such as peas, slowly circumnavigated the week, only 1 hour. No talking, do not think I did was to walk quietly and slowly read, and continue to press the hands of the camera’s shutter, no matter what the point of view, it is so perfect with no regrets. In addition to the bird flew over the lake playing duck, almost nothing can disturb this isolation.




How to wear in Christmas Day?

Although Christmas is a Western holiday, but now in China, particularly among the younger groups, but especially by all the attention Oh, and today we continue to go on to the theme of Christmas fashion styles, take a look at what other costumes suitable for The romantic days of Christmas filled with gorgeous appearance that we do?

Christmas and night, wearing this sweater with a long section of geometry, the mood is like Christmas all kinds of gifts received general is joy, this very distinctive national style gown for you Party in the Carnival Night High to burst!



This short sleeve pullover is a thicker type of dynamic sense of the effect of printed black and white simple and generous, with a narrow beggars pants revealing Fashion playful atmosphere, two big hairy chest the ball to add a bit more dynamic, this body with a very lively and lovely for who oh Young girl

Older women who were to light the Christmas Day where you cannot take the unusual route to the distinctive, low-key black mohair coat with leopard hot pants brisk flavor is very spicy wild, wearing a mysterious black lace head-dress elegance, , among the luxurious touch of charm.


MM who like pink Barbie dream will cherish in their hearts, pink jacket cannot help but brighten Heart soft feelings, this well-cut pink dress is full of sweetness and joy, the embodiment of Sweet girl you immediately .

China needs to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving each year between November 22-28, free since the West into China favored by everyone, hope to know Italian names, it is to remind us always remember Thanksgiving. Of course, the object of a lot of Thanksgiving, such as parents, teachers, students, etc. to accompany you in the way of life through people. Thanksgiving is a traditional festival in the West, its importance can be comparable with our Chinese New Year. I believe that the great social background in China where we also need to have Thanksgiving, most people look at the domestic life of eating. No school, just can not do without parental care, family members of our toe. Elementary and junior high we think we know some things, some people have started life in boarding school, less dependent on their parents. Home once a week, back home we are high above, what is good, and fun are all available. We learned to start some time arguing with their parents, often red in the face of disagreement without the total yield. Occasionally, but also feel that they are not natural, so why parents “abused” their own. Everything all the rebel in us, never thought about why parents want to do that, just why they let their liking, there are even those who take extreme measures such as running away from home, what a pity the parents never consider the feelings.
High school to go home once a month or even longer, but also at home to be rushed back to school for two days to two days did not forget to quarrel with their parents several times, this experience you dare not you? After the start of university life the concept of home seems more blurred, six months or a year back, every time we go back and feel the parents should not have old age but less Cangsang. Although this is the source of the warmth of “home”, but often have the feeling of getting old, memory urging changes in the time too. At this time we do not quarrel with his family, what do you know to sit down and talk things over, to be sensible too late too late. We know the moment we are together with their parents far more than, not to mention the work of reconstruction of the family after the graduation. End of the day complex work, inadvertently we think the dead of night old parents, not knowing that they have been our long-forgotten, and the poor is not a lack of filial piety. Friends, please calculate how much time you matter sorted out their parents to live together, parents have given us too much, we return what? Even the most basic of living together is a big problem, how do we do? Friends have in their parents, please cherish the happiness, and perhaps in your opinion are commonplace, but you do not know how many people dream. Bitterness, they can be worked out with their parents in this life can see a few times. Is actually very simple, the situation is any better, once a year, you are young, parents can not afford the years has been changing. I deliberately in front of words for some people mention, we all know who they are. And parents across the farther in the day, who brings you joy, who take you all? There is no doubt that teachers, students, colleagues, all the way to

Thanksgivingday, Thank the parents

Thanksgiving, the holiday seems part of the West is also of great significance to the Chinese people. Gratitude of education in China is from generation to generation transmission. Childhood teacher told us to human kind, Gratitude. So, on Thanksgiving Day is approaching, that pops out of the shadow of a Mama be grateful. Praised the thousands of parents is back, and friends are often remembered, there are some people so little that we think will never forget. That is our teacher, education, the growth of our mentor. Growth is a Sentimental, ups and downs along the way with us for decades the most is the teacher in addition to family and friends. In my memory, many a teacher, you are the most special. Thanksgiving, please allow me to tell you the sound thanks. Education over the years, you have been my most beloved teacher. You are the first day of my class, I grew the most important time spent under your education. Not so much education, but rather that company. You like friends, like a family that cares about each student. I, the promise is a good point because the results Thanks for your indulgence sake doubly receive care. I remember I started this math is poor, especially word problems a lot worse. You arranged a five word problems, I think the night is a question too stunned to answer no. So shame, guilt tears come streaming to carrying that night I actually cried for a long time. The next day morning reading lesson, you see my swollen eyes ask me how I was not crying. Disappointing year and could not stop my tears flow out. You touch my head and immediately asked me how anxious, until I choked and said, did not finish until your heart smile, and then one question one question repeatedly explained to me. Each step is so clearly in place, looking at your red because of the cold cold hands, tears began to open to the mixing. This is just a point of vast memory of it, but enough for me to remember life. Good people around you know, I appreciate the deeper Bale. Started this year, in your careful education, my score by leaps and bounds, all the teachers have become the object of praise. So, you will also take care of me. But I did not let your peace of mind, in my grades to a new height, into a puppy love. It was a rebellious youth, I would not then listen to the parents, and is no longer good for your students, I began to get loose, and even decadent. Boyfriend wrote all day and small, forget the job also came to homework. What is the psychology that you no longer speak to me then? Have a question for me individually to explain the morning reading lesson, you will not ask me to learn things related; had braved the rain to push my broken bike home in the repair of the car you no longer care about the health of the; have each class are looking for me to answer questions you never read to my name … time has passed away, never going past and wanted to tell you the sound thanks, although you may not remember me. Dear teacher, you health? There are naughty to steal your chalk student? You will also help students to repair a bicycle? Look, so many years, I still remember the bit you gave me warmth. Still remember you gave me moving. The so-called father day life as a teacher, I always remember your good heart. Thanksgiving, and I can not go back to his alma mater, just write a little memories here. Simple words spoken can not put all the gratitude Road to make, really hope you can be perceived from afar, though you do not see my heartfelt words, I hope your heart will be touched by a Simo Ming. Then I suddenly remembered, that you have liked student. Years of stealing turn, the distances a blessing to your side, look dear teacher health and happiness.

How the Chinese people for Thanksgiving

It was suggested that China has set up in China Thanksgiving. Although the Western Thanksgiving meaning of their religion, but it can absorb the active ingredients into the traditional virtues, and to give new meaning to set up with Chinese characteristics “Thanksgiving.” Drawing on Western festivals, the establishment of China Thanksgiving, so that children learn empathy, understanding parents; for adults mutual understanding and more harmonious relationships.
Every year the last Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day in the United States, Thanksgiving is an American original, a holiday, an American family reunion festival, in this day of family get together, enjoy Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie and other food . Initiative has students in China, college students set up their own Thanksgiving on this day to their friends, teachers express love and gratitude, to contact the surrounding reality, let him think it makes sense.
In fact, since ancient times, Chinese people would be quite willing to help others, famous, “the subject of water dripping from grace, When Yongquan,” was passed for the famous. Education in China pay more attention to scores and admissions rates, coupled with many children have only one child, family, doting children all think that other people care for granted, many students do not know how to thank, gratitude, only know that request; even too concerned about their family members have antagonistic, weariness.
Among the adults, there are ungrateful, forgetting the situation only from the interests of all. In a civilized society, that thanks to cherish a grateful heart is necessary; this is an important requirement for building a harmonious society can promote the community members, groups, classes, relations between groups get along well, coordinate, and promote mutual respect between people, trust, help.
So many people suggested the establishment of Thanksgiving in China, so that students learn empathy, cherish friends, understanding parents; to suspend the numb cold adult heart, in good faith to show consideration for others. Although the Western Thanksgiving meaning of their religion, but it can absorb the active ingredients into the traditional virtues, and to give new meaning to set up with Chinese characteristics “Thanksgiving.” Every Thanksgiving Day, the United States crowded the whole nation, people customarily do thanksgiving to the church, urban and rural make-up demonstrations held around the town, theater performances and sports competitions, schools and shops are also required day off. Children also mimic the appearance of the Indians then put on bizarre clothing, painted mask or put on a mask onto the streets singing, trumpet. Scattered field in the foreign land will be home for the holidays the family, the family sitting around together, munching on delicious turkey.
Meanwhile, the hospitality of the Americans can not forget this day, invite your friends, into the bachelor or away from home for the holidays. From the 18th century, the emergence of a United States began to send a basket to the poor people of food customs. There were a group of young women who wish to select one day a year dedicated to charity, that Thanksgiving is selected the most appropriate thing to. So one Thanksgiving, they are loaded on to a basket full of food to the poor people themselves. Rumors of this distance, and soon learn there are many people doing it their way.
President of the release ceremony of the annual presidential turkey turkey release ceremony began in the reign of President Truman in 1947, but in fact the traditional ceremony dating back to President Lincoln, the Civil War period in power. One day in 1863, Lincoln’s son, Ted suddenly broke into a cabinet meeting pardon pet turkey named Jack, as it was sent to the White House, turkey, Christmas dinner is about to become.