Fashion Style Tips for Women

          On the catwalks this season some distinct and varied styles are apparent. The hardness of the rock look, the futuristic metallic look and the contrasting feminine look are all hot this season and provide women with a wide range of choice to suit their own styles and still be fashionable. Not only are these looks up to date and fresh for 2008, but they carry with them classic retro style with the trends of the season are all reminiscent of the 80s: the rock bands animal print, the neon colours and metallics of the punks and the romantic ruffles and lace.

The great thing about this season is that accessories are huge leaving people free to keep their existing wardrobe and buy only a few small items to refresh it. Whatever accessory you are comfortable wearing is the one to go for because the list of fashionable items it endless: jewellery, hats, scarves, wraps, watches, belts, gloves, bandanas, headbands, gloves, boots, bags and hair ties with jewels.

The key to accessorising is to draw attention to your best features. In the colder months when low cut tops are left in the wardrobe, the eye can still be drawn to cleavage by wearing a V-shaped medium length necklace, or layering several different lengths of necklace. Large natural beads such as wooden or stone beads are great for earthy autumn. Or contrast away from earthy naturals with mettalics. To enlarge the bust line go for a jewelled necklace.

Earrings draw attention to your face, long dangly earrings accentuate the length of your neck. Bracelets complete an outfit. Belts highlight curvaceous hips and a great pair knee high boots elongate the legs. A chocker creates a sexy collar bone. Work with your own body and place jewellery where it will draw the eye.

For the rock look a flash of animal print on a belt or a scarf, black nail polish or skull earrings. The skull motif, again on a scarf or belt has the same effect. Don’t wear all these things at once and end up looking like a nightmare, the rock look is strong enough to come through with one or two small pieces.

The metallic look is perhaps easiest to achieve with jewellery, choose a colour which suits you and your existing wardrobe from gold, silver, bronze and copper. There are many bags and shoes in these colours available at the moment. For a bold statement red and gold is great, a cooler look silver and purple, have fun and mix your colours.

In contrast to these two harder looks the romantic look is about feminine softness. You can mix in the strong colours from the rock look but with ruffles or lace of embroidery. A large loose ribbon bow, oversized bag or sexy feminine boots. Long leather gloves also appear this season.

Jewellery that is big this season feature pearls, metallics, naturals (eg, wood, shell), heart shapes, discs, hoops, exaggerated facets on stones, bold colours and large natural statements such as butterflies and bold florals.

Most importantly have fun. You can always take something and make your own statement with it. Wear a long necklace as a belt, a scarf round your wrist, brooches as a chocker on a ribbon. Contrast fine jewellery with casual clothes.

Always remember that a small statement offset with neutrals is more effective than many bold statements which will clash and be confusing. Less is more.

Tory Burch fashion style

Whenever you never decided to pierce your cute earring lobes, do not fret. You could still get in on all the newest and greatest jewelry trends with Tory Burch that will make a fashion statement worthy of putting you on the Best Dressed listing. Tory Burch is inexpensive and with all the new styles on the market, there’s no excuse not to pick up a pair now.

A lot of women are a little bit wary about getting their ears pierced in the first place. There’s always the care about contagion and proper healing, and once you do it, you will have a small hole in your ear lobe for the rest of your life. Occasionally, wearing heavy earrings or big pieces can even hurt your earlobes. And in some cultures, it is frowned upon to have the ears pierced. That’s not the example here, but now, thanks to the most up-to-date styles, Tory Burch are comfier and more fashion forward than ever before. Never again will you have to worry about losing an earring back with these one-piece wonders.

If you are not certain about the type of styles that Tory Burch are available in, then read on. Clip earrings now rival pierced earrings in terms of the vast selection available. For instance, you could everything from delicate diamond studs to fun-looking hoops to glamorous chandeliers to ethnic inspired styles. This means that you can easily imitate the look of your favorite celeb or A-lister with Tory Burch that are just as stylish.

Best of all, if you have a big event coming up, it’s easy to catch a couple of graceful Tory Burch that will get you through the great night. For summer styles, there’s no need to worry about waiting for ears to heal before you jump in the pool or the sea. Just throw on a big pair of clip earrings and you’re out the door worry free.

Women’s fashion store

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Tory Burch –a unique and distinctive brand for you

Do you know something about Tory Burch? More and more people like Tory Burch, not only it has unique style, but also it has different design styles.

More and more Tory Burch clothing, for example Tory Burch handbags, Tory Burch shoes and so on. Tory Burch clothes are welcomed by among females of all ages. This outstanding clothing style has been re-invented by designers like Tory Burch. Among some of the great styles available, there are Sequined and Embroidered tunic tops and tunic dresses. Women love tunics that are printed, especially with a unique pattern.

More and more Tory Burch shop online are useful for more and more people, such as you can buy cheap Tory Burch shoes, Tory Burch handbags and so on.

Growing popularity for hoods and other added features are front pockets and several different collar options have sparked hood-lined tunics as well. Tory Burch has both these styles on their tunic, whether you like v necklines or scoop necklines. Collar types include stand collars and mandarin collars. With different collar and neckline styles make each tunic different and unique. Some types of materials you’ll that make up the tunics are linen, cotton, silk, and khaki. If you’re looking for a Tunic top or tunic dress check out Tory Burch head. You won’t be disappointed. Solid colors and even wild prints like floral and other fashion forward designs are belong to Tory Burch. With widely varying prints and designs, the tunic tops by Tory Burch are all very unique. You’ll see a lot of floral print tunics, for the hotter seasons. Tory Burch has obtained popular.


Cute Tory Burch boots

Words cannot describe how popular the boots in winter. It may be the hardest question for the males to answer even the ladies wear these fancy boots is kind of trying to attract those men. Anyway, regardless of that attraction thing, the boots are useful when the weather is cold because they are long and can keep the feet and the legs warm.
There are so many brands which all have their own boots collections, but among all these brands, there are only a few that can be defined have good ones. The Tory Burch is famous because of their Tory Burch reva flats; many people will ignore this brand because they think they cannot handle the winter shoes. The designers from this brand attempt to correct this wrong thought, and that’s why they kept on making new styles.
There are many ways that a brand can use to attract people’s attention and start to buy their products. For the Tory Burch boots, their way is creating some unusual styles, for example their over knee boots. This type is rare to see when you walk around the streets, and believe me, there are few ladies who are brave enough to try this type. But regardless of all these factors, you have to say that these boots are really catchy.
Compared with other long history brands, the Tory Burch shoes can only be defined as young. Well, young is good, young people have passion for new things, and also, young brands have passion and ambitious for their business. The designers and workers from this brand are working very hard to bring this brand to a new level, and let more and more people, especially young people.
Some people love this brand just because the Tory Burch boots have great quality, top designs, and also because they are rare to find, they can make the wearer look unique compared with other people. Also there are some other brands with their outstanding collections can provide nice boots for you in winter. You need to choose wisely among all those brands.


When the baby Need pillow

People used to think, we must have a pillow when sleeping, so I called the just-born infants have a small pillow. We say that this totally unnecessary, it is not conducive to normal development of newborns. Because the newborn spine is straight, so when lying down, back and back of the head in the same plane, the state will not cause muscle tension caused by stiff neck; with the head of newborn, almost shoulder width, side also It is natural, newborn without pillows. If you elevate the head is, but easy to form the head and neck bent, breathing and swallowing of newborn, or even accidents. In order to prevent the spits, the baby may be slightly elevating the upper body 1 cm.


When the baby grows to 3 to 4 months, neck, spine began to bend forward, then go to bed pillow when the pillow one centimeter high. Length to seven ~ eight months started to learn to sit when the baby started chest spine backward bending of the shoulder also developed wider, then the children should go to bed pillow about 3 cm high. Too high, too low is not conducive to normal development of sleep and the body, often easy to form high pillow hump pillow.

In the folk, people often give to newborn a hard and high pillow, so that the development of newborn spine affected. According to the physiological characteristics of newborns, make sure the normal development of the child, developmental characteristics; do not give newborn a pillow.


How to eat fruits in Spring


Apple is nutritious; it is a widely used natural beauty fruit. Apple contained large amounts of water and a variety of moisturizing factor on the skin moisturizing effect, vitamin c can inhibit the melanin in the skin calm, eat apples dilute facial freckles and melasma. In addition, it is rich in apple acid components and makes the skin smooth, with acne effect.


Banana is a delicious seasonal fruit, but also it can improve the skin problems, all from the inside to the outside because of the banana has a very rich nutrition, banana pulp has a role in lowering cholesterol, the most amazing banana skin pigment is also inhibition of fungi and bacteria, treatment of skin purities, if often eat bananas can nourish the skin and prevent dry skin.


Grape is rich in high nutritional value, it can Spleen and stomach, and people like the taste of sweet, and has been the fruit of their appearance has become a symbol of good fortune. Although the autumn grape sugar content, but it is easily absorbed glucose, appropriate food will not cause too great a burden. In addition, and maintenance of its antioxidant effect is evident.

Tips to buy shoes for men

1. The size of the principle of selection of shoes is comfortable. Generally speaking, the width of the foot can be fully expanded by the force is good; the length of the toe clip is not too narrow, when walking, foot is not sliding in shoes as well. In addition, buying Men shoes also pay attention to the time. in the afternoon due to a slight swelling of the right size shoes purchased is right at this time; if you try a pair of shoes in the morning, you should stay out of spare capacity, it will wear comfortable in future for feet.

2. Leather shoes with smooth leather and negative side leather two. Good quality smooth leather, grain thickness uniformity, smooth flat fine, no wrinkles and scars; brightness, uniform color, bright color, bright, no light and shade, and the phenomenon of different shades.

Press the leather with your fingers, uniform and fine wrinkles, open your fingers, the fine lines disappear immediately; Shoumo feels soft lubricating, resilient, not rigid, and even moderate thickness of leather. The opposite of good quality shoes, the surface fluff soft, uniform, and color, no crude oil spot long fiber and stains, no wrinkles and scars, smooth touch and feel the same shoes. Wear leather shoes, animals generally 2 to 3 years will not fade and the phenomenon.

3. Breathability with synthetic leather shoes in the worst ventilation (easy when you wear a sweat, foot odor, the foot cannot stand over time not only the surface of the leather will be a small piece of a small piece off.)

General natural leather shoes with good ventilation, particularly in pig leather for the best, because pig skin pores and rough times than leather pores, the pores are much more eye, sweat easily discharged.. To add that is: the general use of pig skin lining in the shoe leather.

4. Appearance in addition to pick your favorite style, the need to pay attention to whether the uniform code suture needles, two shoes are completely symmetrical. And then towards his toes, flat on the counter to see at the forefoot sole point of contact with the counter is the center of the forefoot. Any deviation in the feet prone to wear cornering, resulting in shoes deformation.

5. The end of a leather shoe soles and glial two categories.

Good quality leather soles, the surface bright and smooth, uniform color, no oil spots, blemishes and scars, uniform thickness; playing with your fingers, the sound crisp, Shoumo feel very solid. The sole full flexibility, tensile strength, wear resistance. Good quality gum soles, smooth surface consistent, neat pattern, each pattern should be sharp corners intact. Viewed from the side, cut even fine without impurities, particle size of organization, the phenomenon of non-uniform thickness; touch, should have a good sense of toughness and flexibility. If the adhesive leather shoes, help to check the bottom end is tight adhesion formation, cannot have gaps, leaving plastic phenomenon.

Maintenance shoes in eggs

Shoes wear for a long time, in addition to use the oil shoe to care shoes? Here I can tell you a method for using egg white nursing shoes.

First, find an egg, beat eggs with chopsticks in a hole, then hit a small hole in the opposite direction, pay attention to the two holes in a straight line! Then find a bowl, eggs in front of a hole above the outlet, so that we can make egg white flow out from another hole. After taking a good egg white, add water, where water should be twice the egg white, stirring evenly, wipe with a towel stained shoes, and remember to rub evenly to avoid leaving traces of egg white. The rest is dry shoes; attention is dry, not dry.

When the shoes polish to dry later in the play, the shoes not only look like new, it is very good for slow down the wrinkles!


Some tips for prevention Motion sickness

Movement disorder is motion sickness, motion sickness, seasickness, and so the prevention of movement disorders:

1, you should keep the spirit of relaxation, do not always think will be halo. Best to have someone to chat with you, distracted.

2 should have sufficient sleep before traveling. Adequate sleep, the spirit is like, can increase the ability to compete in sports stimulation.

3, by public transport should not be too hungry or too full. Eat seven or eight full, in particular, cannot eat high-protein and high fat foods, whether it prone to nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

4 try to take a more stable and consistent with the exercise of the direction of the seat. And keep the fresh air circulation.

5, the head properly fixed, to avoid excessive swing.

6 take half an hour before transport, oral motion sickness medicine.

7 try not to look out the window fast-moving scenes. Keep eyes closed, if so Say your attack, then congratulate you! Another: Try bone-pain cream was affixed to the navel; there is a certain effect, but the mechanism to be explored.


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