My happiness family

My families have five people, father, mother, sister, brother, and I , when we are young, my parents often went out making money for our tuitions, in winter, it is cold, they worked for others every day,  sometimes, in order to work, they have no time to have lunch, many thing moved us, we three worked hard in school, now I have grown up, I want to let my parents live a cosy life in future, my sister is a nurse, brother is a worker in a famous truck company, each time, when I call to my family, I care about them as much as possible, so that they do not worry about us, we will take care of ourselves Well,We are also pleased to say things, but also make them more happy,I feel my family is happiness, we will happiness forever.


China needs to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving each year between November 22-28, free since the West into China favored by everyone, hope to know Italian names, it is to remind us always remember Thanksgiving. Of course, the object of a lot of Thanksgiving, such as parents, teachers, students, etc. to accompany you in the way of life through people. Thanksgiving is a traditional festival in the West, its importance can be comparable with our Chinese New Year. I believe that the great social background in China where we also need to have Thanksgiving, most people look at the domestic life of eating. No school, just can not do without parental care, family members of our toe. Elementary and junior high we think we know some things, some people have started life in boarding school, less dependent on their parents. Home once a week, back home we are high above, what is good, and fun are all available. We learned to start some time arguing with their parents, often red in the face of disagreement without the total yield. Occasionally, but also feel that they are not natural, so why parents “abused” their own. Everything all the rebel in us, never thought about why parents want to do that, just why they let their liking, there are even those who take extreme measures such as running away from home, what a pity the parents never consider the feelings.
High school to go home once a month or even longer, but also at home to be rushed back to school for two days to two days did not forget to quarrel with their parents several times, this experience you dare not you? After the start of university life the concept of home seems more blurred, six months or a year back, every time we go back and feel the parents should not have old age but less Cangsang. Although this is the source of the warmth of “home”, but often have the feeling of getting old, memory urging changes in the time too. At this time we do not quarrel with his family, what do you know to sit down and talk things over, to be sensible too late too late. We know the moment we are together with their parents far more than, not to mention the work of reconstruction of the family after the graduation. End of the day complex work, inadvertently we think the dead of night old parents, not knowing that they have been our long-forgotten, and the poor is not a lack of filial piety. Friends, please calculate how much time you matter sorted out their parents to live together, parents have given us too much, we return what? Even the most basic of living together is a big problem, how do we do? Friends have in their parents, please cherish the happiness, and perhaps in your opinion are commonplace, but you do not know how many people dream. Bitterness, they can be worked out with their parents in this life can see a few times. Is actually very simple, the situation is any better, once a year, you are young, parents can not afford the years has been changing. I deliberately in front of words for some people mention, we all know who they are. And parents across the farther in the day, who brings you joy, who take you all? There is no doubt that teachers, students, colleagues, all the way to