Xinjiang noodles

Xinjiang noodles called yellow noodles, so named for its yellow, Uyghur called “race hot Kee Xi”, it is a summer snack. Surface of the main raw material is called a gray Peng, Peng ash from the Gobi on the “smell basil”, which is a wild plant. When autumn coming, people collected basil, into the fire pit. Basil juice out of the water will condense into pieces after cooling, this is the bottle ash. When making cold noodles: the first use light salt, alkaline soil and surface, add gray water bottle, side plus side pull, knead the dough soft and smooth when you can have tension, then the board on the case of Xing. Hydrogen gourd peeled vegetables, dig seed, shred, spinach, celery and cut into sections.

The surface of the pot pulled into thin strips, cooked fish, twice in cold water, pour a little edible vegetable oil mixed open. Chao Shao in the water to a boil, lower gourd cooked vegetables, salt, beat eggs, flowers, under the spinach, wet starch hook into qian into gravy. Zhashu celery into the oil section, respectively, the oil chili powder, whip mud, water, and sesame paste diluted with swimming. When eating cold noodles to prosper in dish, pour sauce, vinegar, garlic, chili oil, sesame paste, add celery segments. It is Sense of surface soft and ribs, spicy fragrance with spices acid.


Sesame spinach

inĀ  winter’s day, it is fat and tender spinach listing things, will buy back the spinach, frying,

Mixing, playing Tom, as filling fresh and refreshing, nutritious. Here, the Lao Zheng tell you, eat spinach, be sure the water first with boiling water before making a food Nao, because water can get rid of mud inside the oxalic acid.

Ingredients: spinach, garlic salt soaked white vinegar, sesame oil, sesame fans


1): turn on the water pot to boil the spinach, remove and put fans into the cool water, mud

Cut out after the water too cold.

2): sesame fried, crushed garlic into the mortar or the child inside the offal removed.

3): sub-salt and cloves garlic smashed mortar mud sesame oil into the vinegar out.

4): the mix into chopped spinach, garlic, and then will hit the fan a good mix

Sesame seeds can be placed.