When the baby Need pillow

People used to think, we must have a pillow when sleeping, so I called the just-born infants have a small pillow. We say that this totally unnecessary, it is not conducive to normal development of newborns. Because the newborn spine is straight, so when lying down, back and back of the head in the same plane, the state will not cause muscle tension caused by stiff neck; with the head of newborn, almost shoulder width, side also It is natural, newborn without pillows. If you elevate the head is, but easy to form the head and neck bent, breathing and swallowing of newborn, or even accidents. In order to prevent the spits, the baby may be slightly elevating the upper body 1 cm.


When the baby grows to 3 to 4 months, neck, spine began to bend forward, then go to bed pillow when the pillow one centimeter high. Length to seven ~ eight months started to learn to sit when the baby started chest spine backward bending of the shoulder also developed wider, then the children should go to bed pillow about 3 cm high. Too high, too low is not conducive to normal development of sleep and the body, often easy to form high pillow hump pillow.

In the folk, people often give to newborn a hard and high pillow, so that the development of newborn spine affected. According to the physiological characteristics of newborns, make sure the normal development of the child, developmental characteristics; do not give newborn a pillow.


How to eat fruits in Spring


Apple is nutritious; it is a widely used natural beauty fruit. Apple contained large amounts of water and a variety of moisturizing factor on the skin moisturizing effect, vitamin c can inhibit the melanin in the skin calm, eat apples dilute facial freckles and melasma. In addition, it is rich in apple acid components and makes the skin smooth, with acne effect.


Banana is a delicious seasonal fruit, but also it can improve the skin problems, all from the inside to the outside because of the banana has a very rich nutrition, banana pulp has a role in lowering cholesterol, the most amazing banana skin pigment is also inhibition of fungi and bacteria, treatment of skin purities, if often eat bananas can nourish the skin and prevent dry skin.


Grape is rich in high nutritional value, it can Spleen and stomach, and people like the taste of sweet, and has been the fruit of their appearance has become a symbol of good fortune. Although the autumn grape sugar content, but it is easily absorbed glucose, appropriate food will not cause too great a burden. In addition, and maintenance of its antioxidant effect is evident.

How to Maintenance the jacket

(1) If the jacket is dirty, only using the overall washing method. First put the jacket in cold water soak for 20 minutes. With 2 tablespoons of detergent into the water about 20-30 ℃ in the water in the mix, then put the jacket in the water, soaked 5-10 minutes. Down from the washing liquid will be removed in a clean tile sets board, with a soft brush dipped in cleaning solution from the inside to the outside gently scrub. Scrub clean, it will carry her clothes on the washing liquid in the rinse several times, then rinse in warm water 30 ℃ 2, then put in clean water for rinsing 3 times to completely remove detergent residue.

Down to rinse clean with a dry towel wrapping gently suck out the water, and then placed in the sun or a ventilated place to dry. Dry, with a stick to tap the clothing side, so restore the fluffy and soft down jacket.

(2) If the jacket is not too dirty, can be used dry cleaning method. With a towel dipped in gasoline in the neckline, sleeves, gently wiping his breast, etc., after the removal of oil, then wipe dry towel stained with petrol at, until you can wear after the gasoline to evaporate.


If there is no obvious dirty track down jacket, down jacket may not have to clean the new, with breathable materials (such as finishing bag) wrap, placed in a camphor ball to prevent the insects, then stored in ventilated and dry wardrobe can, pay attention to Do not be above the weight.

If you want to wash down jacket, then do not pay attention to the water temperature is too high, and the use of neutral detergent solution, washed, dried, can be used to tap the hanger, which can restore fluffy filler, but also conducive to filling completely dried, prevent mildew.


Summer and autumn rain, after the rainy season, it is best to be aired out down jacket, to prevent mildew; if they become moldy, use cotton balls dipped alcohol wipe, then scrub clean wet towels clean, dry thoroughly and then properly collection. But be careful not to put sun exposure, otherwise it may fade into new clothes and old clothes out.

In short, as long as you are well maintained, winter comes; you can take the lead in a new winter coat to wear, comfortable and warm.


Tips to buy shoes for men

1. The size of the principle of selection of shoes is comfortable. Generally speaking, the width of the foot can be fully expanded by the force is good; the length of the toe clip is not too narrow, when walking, foot is not sliding in shoes as well. In addition, buying Men shoes also pay attention to the time. in the afternoon due to a slight swelling of the right size shoes purchased is right at this time; if you try a pair of shoes in the morning, you should stay out of spare capacity, it will wear comfortable in future for feet.

2. Leather shoes with smooth leather and negative side leather two. Good quality smooth leather, grain thickness uniformity, smooth flat fine, no wrinkles and scars; brightness, uniform color, bright color, bright, no light and shade, and the phenomenon of different shades.

Press the leather with your fingers, uniform and fine wrinkles, open your fingers, the fine lines disappear immediately; Shoumo feels soft lubricating, resilient, not rigid, and even moderate thickness of leather. The opposite of good quality shoes, the surface fluff soft, uniform, and color, no crude oil spot long fiber and stains, no wrinkles and scars, smooth touch and feel the same shoes. Wear leather shoes, animals generally 2 to 3 years will not fade and the phenomenon.

3. Breathability with synthetic leather shoes in the worst ventilation (easy when you wear a sweat, foot odor, the foot cannot stand over time not only the surface of the leather will be a small piece of a small piece off.)

General natural leather shoes with good ventilation, particularly in pig leather for the best, because pig skin pores and rough times than leather pores, the pores are much more eye, sweat easily discharged.. To add that is: the general use of pig skin lining in the shoe leather.

4. Appearance in addition to pick your favorite style, the need to pay attention to whether the uniform code suture needles, two shoes are completely symmetrical. And then towards his toes, flat on the counter to see at the forefoot sole point of contact with the counter is the center of the forefoot. Any deviation in the feet prone to wear cornering, resulting in shoes deformation.

5. The end of a leather shoe soles and glial two categories.

Good quality leather soles, the surface bright and smooth, uniform color, no oil spots, blemishes and scars, uniform thickness; playing with your fingers, the sound crisp, Shoumo feel very solid. The sole full flexibility, tensile strength, wear resistance. Good quality gum soles, smooth surface consistent, neat pattern, each pattern should be sharp corners intact. Viewed from the side, cut even fine without impurities, particle size of organization, the phenomenon of non-uniform thickness; touch, should have a good sense of toughness and flexibility. If the adhesive leather shoes, help to check the bottom end is tight adhesion formation, cannot have gaps, leaving plastic phenomenon.

Maintenance shoes in eggs

Shoes wear for a long time, in addition to use the oil shoe to care shoes? Here I can tell you a method for using egg white nursing shoes.

First, find an egg, beat eggs with chopsticks in a hole, then hit a small hole in the opposite direction, pay attention to the two holes in a straight line! Then find a bowl, eggs in front of a hole above the outlet, so that we can make egg white flow out from another hole. After taking a good egg white, add water, where water should be twice the egg white, stirring evenly, wipe with a towel stained shoes, and remember to rub evenly to avoid leaving traces of egg white. The rest is dry shoes; attention is dry, not dry.

When the shoes polish to dry later in the play, the shoes not only look like new, it is very good for slow down the wrinkles!


The worst sleeping habits

1, before going to bed, people angry will make rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, a myriad of thoughts, making it difficult to sleep.

2, overeat before bedtime, to intensify the gastrointestinal digestion, the full of stomach will continue to stimulate the brain. Brain has the excitement; people will not fall asleep.

3, drinking tea before bedtime, tea contains caffeine and other substances that stimulate the central nervous system, especially tea, central nervous system will be more exciting, people easily fall asleep.

4, vigorous exercise before going to bed, it makes the brain nerve cells that control muscle activity showed a very strong excited state, this excited in a short time will not calm down, people will not soon fall asleep. So, before going to bed you should try to keep the body calm, but you may also wish to make some minor activities such as walking and so on.

5, the pillow is too high, from a physiological point of view, the pillow at 8 to 12 cm is appropriate. Too low, it is likely to cause “stiff neck”, or because of excessive blood flow to the brain, causing mind made up the next day, swollen eyelids; it can affect airway smooth, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, it is easily lead to neck discomfort or hunchback.

6 sleeping under the head when his hands, in addition to affecting blood circulation, causing numbness in upper limb pain, but also easy to make intra-abdominal pressure increases, over time there will be a “reflux esophagitis.” So, I slept with both hands as a pillow is not appropriate.

7, hooded quilt to be masked easily cause difficulty in breathing; the same time, inhale their exhaled carbon dioxide; it is extremely detrimental to health. Infants and young children are even more inappropriate for this, otherwise the risk of suffocation.

8, breathing is the best way to maintain their strength, and mouth breathing not only inhale the dust, and easily so that the trachea, lungs, and ribs were cold stimulation.

Best nose breathing, nose to block the part of the dust, nasal inhalation of cold air can be heated, is healthy.

9, facing the wind to sleep will reduce the environmental changes; it is easy get a cold. The ancients believed that the wind is riddled with long, good deeds and several variables; good tune photographed, although improper height of summer, under the wind and the Health and lying exposed. Therefore, to avoid the outlet should be a place to sleep, the bed away from windows, doors have a certain distance is appropriate.

10, some people have enough to eat sleep sitting sofa to sit, turn on the TV brewed pot of tea, enough comfortable.

Sometimes, the work is too tired to fall asleep watching TV, which makes the hidden there! Because sitting sleep will make heart rate slowly, blood vessels expand, blood flow to various organs also less. Coupled with the stomach needs to digest the blood supply, thereby increasing the cerebral hypoxia, resulting in dizziness, ringing in the ears appear.


If you feel depressed in winter, you can enjoy the sun

In winter many people will have emotional depression, depressed mood, and this is winter depression at work. Seasons caused by mental problems known as “seasonal mental disorder,” winter depression is more common kind. The most typical example of winter depression include sleep and eating habits, persistent low mood, loss of interest in such activities. How to care is the key.

Modern medical research that resulted in the etiology of winter depression is less sunlight in winter, the body clock cannot adapt to changes in sunlight causes shortened circadian rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders, signs of emotional and mental state of disorder.

The human brain called the pineal gland in the kind, sensitive to the sun. It is through the nerve fibers associated with the eye, when the strong sun, the pineal gland inhibited by the sun, reduces the secretion of hormones. And when the sunlight decreases, the pineal gland excited, the more hormones secreted. The hormones regulate the body’s other hormones “skills.” When it is secreted for a long time, the body of thyroxine, epinephrine secretion decreased, reduce the concentration in the cell,

Both hormones can evoke excitement once the reduction of cells will lead to cell is not active, people would be in a depression, low mood, it is easy to feel tired.

In the winter, shorter days and longer days, suffering from depression, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in humans is often too much.

In the winter, because of the weather, people must wear a lot. At this time, the distance between people will shorter than usual, prone to claustrophobic feeling. Study found that patients with winter depression tend to prefer high-sugar and high starch food, body weight significantly increased fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate. In general, these symptoms appear from the end of autumn horizon, in the following year in January and February when the most obvious symptoms until after the spring will not be eased.

Experts suggest that prevention of winter depression is a good way to take advantage of sunny days and more sunshine.

If you continue to cloudy, it may be appropriate to adjust the indoor lighting highlights. Especially at night, do not always move along in the dim light.

Conditions permitting, you can use the winter break, a sunny place. In addition, to enhance outdoor activities, daily walk outdoors. In daily life, many eyes closed, body and mind relax. In the diet, eat more fish, cereals and green vegetables. If in winter, more obvious symptoms of depression, affecting normal life and work, you should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible, for psychological treatment.


my life

In modern life, with people’s living standards higher and higher, many workers choose to do lunch at home, and then bring to company to eat, They do lunch variety, people cannot bear to be seen eating ,in Japan, bring lunch to company is very popular, it is both health and delicious. Let us look at the skilled master of Japanese made a few for everyone, so you will not be willing to eat, feast for the eyes.

Christmas is coming

Christmas in Taiwan, also known as “Christmas”, Christmas in English is “Christmas” or “Mass of Christ”, it is often abbreviated as “Xmas”. Since the custom of the Christmas celebration after the epidemic in northern Europe, with the northern hemisphere winter, the Christmas decorations and Santa Claus myth emerged.
Santa and his gifts to bring Christmas gifts become a global movement and close to the habit. Mysterious figure who brings children presents the concept is derived from St. Nicholas, Nicholas was a 4th century in Asia Minor in the kind of life the Bishop. The Dutch St. Nicholas Day (December 6) to imitate him gifts. In North America, the British colonists to the traditional celebration of Christmas holidays in dissolved, and Sinterklaas became Santa Claus, or also known as the corresponding Saint Nick (Sheng Nike) of the figure. Americans in the British tradition, Santa is always happy riding in the Christmas Eve arrival of reindeer sleighs, climbed into the house from the chimney, leaving a gift to the children, the children ate the food left for him. His other time of year is busy making gifts and monitoring children’s behavior and recorded.
French Santa Claus is called Père Noel (Santa Claus is almost exactly the same with), the red and white Coca-Cola Company has the inspiration drawn in the 1930’s Santa Claus all over the world. In some cultures, Santa Claus next to follow the Knecht Ruprecht, or known as ‘Black Peter’ (Black Peter) guy. Some versions, in the dwarf toy workshop produced a holiday gift, and sometimes Mrs. Santa Claus and Christmas couples. During the Christmas season in North America and the UK supermarkets, have a child may appear to him to be Santa Claus gifts.
In many countries, children are ready to empty containers like socks, so Santa can fit in some small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit. In the United States, on Christmas Eve children hang stockings on the fireplace, as Santa said to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve to put presents sock. In other countries, children are placed outside the empty shoes to Santa Claus in the Christmas Eve (or St. Nicholas Day on December 5) gift. Gift giving is not just Santa Claus, family members and friends also give each other gifts.

A few small details of life shape the slender woman

Slender build sedentary women. This does not mean we must exercise in the gym. They do not take the elevator and stairs, not elevator on the roll stood still, the price of L-carnitine bike as much as possible instead of driving, shopping on foot as much as possible. These flows will be the movement beyond the self than those who give them greater pleasure. Like simple and easy weight loss diet you’re still hesitating how to lose weight? Really used another method – the details of it is to lose weight. Thinking slim restaurant: waiter politely tips on the bread and butter, but slim women are always ignored. Choose plain foods they love, but also prefer plain, low calorie Asian dishes. Do not often weigh in: slim women do not often weigh in, but they are only to swing his weight a little bit of space – no more than 2-3 kg. This can be simple to use wide-tight clothes to control. Constant motion: slim build sedentary women. This does not mean we must exercise in the gym. They do not take the elevator and stairs, not elevator on the roll stood still, as far as possible to ride a bike instead of driving, shopping on foot as much as possible. These flows will be the movement beyond the self than those who give them greater pleasure. Do not have to calculate calories: almost every meal, a slender woman will calculate the calories contained in food. However, most slender women in favor of food to keep slim L-carnitine have a good sense of the price.

For example, she will naturally choose to live naturally and tuna packed in oil but do not eat canned tuna, obese people tend to lack such awareness. In United States, a research firm that obese people often underestimate the calories in half of the food. Purposefully purchasing food: buying food to be “slim consciousness”, not to be attracted by the food on display, while at home, according to their shape and developed in order to maintain a list of shopping. Slim women like to eat sweets for home buying people, especially but not only much to their own tastes sweet taste. Even to buy, but also buy a small package, but not for the whole family used to buy giant packages. Less without taboos: the food very much the same fat and the thin, but always eat too much fat. What slim people eat delicious meals, but eat very little. So that they can not only keep the body heat balance, but also enjoys Atsumi. Do not blame a sweet tooth: full of women tend to turn into a vicious cycle: they eat some “forbidden things”, the will feel guilt, self-blame is often the consequence give up on themselves to enjoy eating high-calorie foods.

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