If you feel depressed in winter, you can enjoy the sun

In winter many people will have emotional depression, depressed mood, and this is winter depression at work. Seasons caused by mental problems known as “seasonal mental disorder,” winter depression is more common kind. The most typical example of winter depression include sleep and eating habits, persistent low mood, loss of interest in such activities. How to care is the key.

Modern medical research that resulted in the etiology of winter depression is less sunlight in winter, the body clock cannot adapt to changes in sunlight causes shortened circadian rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders, signs of emotional and mental state of disorder.

The human brain called the pineal gland in the kind, sensitive to the sun. It is through the nerve fibers associated with the eye, when the strong sun, the pineal gland inhibited by the sun, reduces the secretion of hormones. And when the sunlight decreases, the pineal gland excited, the more hormones secreted. The hormones regulate the body’s other hormones “skills.” When it is secreted for a long time, the body of thyroxine, epinephrine secretion decreased, reduce the concentration in the cell,

Both hormones can evoke excitement once the reduction of cells will lead to cell is not active, people would be in a depression, low mood, it is easy to feel tired.

In the winter, shorter days and longer days, suffering from depression, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in humans is often too much.

In the winter, because of the weather, people must wear a lot. At this time, the distance between people will shorter than usual, prone to claustrophobic feeling. Study found that patients with winter depression tend to prefer high-sugar and high starch food, body weight significantly increased fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate. In general, these symptoms appear from the end of autumn horizon, in the following year in January and February when the most obvious symptoms until after the spring will not be eased.

Experts suggest that prevention of winter depression is a good way to take advantage of sunny days and more sunshine.

If you continue to cloudy, it may be appropriate to adjust the indoor lighting highlights. Especially at night, do not always move along in the dim light.

Conditions permitting, you can use the winter break, a sunny place. In addition, to enhance outdoor activities, daily walk outdoors. In daily life, many eyes closed, body and mind relax. In the diet, eat more fish, cereals and green vegetables. If in winter, more obvious symptoms of depression, affecting normal life and work, you should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible, for psychological treatment.


Happy people are healthier?

Most people are struggling to search for two things – happy and healthy. For a long time, we believe that happiness and health are two relatively independent goals. We know that, if healthy, we most likely will be unhappy, but we also know that even if we do not experience pain the suffering, the same may not be happy. Happy people do look healthy, in fact, to maintain a happy state of mind itself makes good health. Happiness is like a person’s smoking habits that affect a person as an important factor in good health. What also worried about a heart attack or stroke? Want to stay away from cold it? One study showed that the same cold virus, those who think he is very happy people are less likely to cold. They are infected with the virus, but they showed fewer symptoms. Always depressed? It is best to see your doctor: Studies show that depression in adults suffering from type II diabetes 60% higher than the average person. The reason is probably because the stress hormone cortisol due to increased blood sugar.

Your own life and work will also affect the degree of control over the happiness, and thus affect your health. For example, those who can easily get medical information of patients, than those who do not easily get medical information of patients are happier. Those who are barely control their own work, or nothing to say on the performance of people, compared to other people, seems to be unhappy. So, how do to make them happier? Research suggests that happiness can be cultivated through meditation and improved. In addition, some experiences, such as tourism, in the long run than the easier for the possession of material wealth make us happy.

In fact, happiness is not necessarily for health will have to wait for many years shown. As long as you maintain the optimistic state three years, it can play the role, you will easily find yourself becoming healthier.