Luxury Fashion

Special emphasis on the design for the popular sense of fashion and women, luxury is the K-gold 18K gold jewelry with the best choice. Luxury K-gold 18K gold, with all kinds of precious stones to make the best of the match, not only for everyday wear, is more suitable for a variety of grand occasion wear, so that independence from fashion trends, won the hearts and minds of consumers. Meanwhile, the luxury K-gold 18K gold charm and ever-changing Symphony’s unique mix of nature, it is suitable for chasing the trend pace, courage to change with a new generation of fashionable women. Why not luxury fashion to look at it? I believe there are better choices you



















K-gold designer boldly depict the beauty of sexy women. Sexy is in the heart of a hanging tassels, flowing casual fleeting; sexy is hanging in the ear of a piece of music, anytime, anywhere and wind into the sky; sexy is not a flower in your fingertips, not just to seek bloom dew water. Sexy women in addition to the United States, there are lovely, in addition to lovely, and wisdom.


Travelling in Baoji

Baoji in Shaanxi Province in central and western, ancient Chencang, is the hometown of Chinese began Zu Yandi, the birthplace of Zhou and Qin dynasties. Tang Zhide years (AD 757), southeast of the city due to a chicken san “partridge crowing” the Xiangzhao and renamed the Baoji, the ancient “Silk Road” must pass through. Heritage sites within or above the provincial 65, Bronze particularly famous home and abroad, known as the “Bronze the town.” Baoji is not only a huge number of unearthed bronze wares; fine shape, a long inscription on the bronze both valuable historical, but also the fine art of calligraphy in ancient China. Its reputation spreads at home and abroad. Activities of the famous monuments Emperor had Tiantai Mountain, Famen Buddhist shrines, monasteries Chin Ho Chi Master View, Wu Zhang Liang Temple plateau, Jiu Chenggong Sui imperial summer palace, the Royal Spa Tangyu Spa, Yong city sites and so on. Scenery spots have Taibai National Forest Park, Tiantai National Forest Park, scattered off, Fengxiang East Lake and so on.


Hand embroidery and cultural minorities

I feel that the hand embroidery ethnic culture have gradually died out and Instead of by modern machinery and technology used in people’s vision slowly in the lost and forgotten. I specialize in Guizhou, a hand embroidery of national companies, I started this company aim is to ethnic heritage of our culture, so those old memories, not to be the pace of modern city life forgotten. MiaoBuyi. Shui ethnic minorities, etc., etc … to the thousands of years, when the transmission is not text, they are using embroidery in such a way to extend their cultural and spiritual, can be embroidered with their lives closely related. And now most of the young fellow out of the minority of the mountains, into the city, gradually forget their ancestral hereditary embroidery culture. This culture is gradually disappearing with, and now there are some ethnic minorities in Guizhou area, were only the older grandmother only. Will these ancient art of acupuncture and. When I see now in many craft shops there are many scenic spots and machine embroidery national product, my heart really hurts, but pain is the staff also vowed to tell you that this is when the hand embroidery, My heart really seems to be cut with a knife and bitterly. (I remember my friends said you have to do this line of business you do not have national embroidery machine embroidery products, then you are hard to do together.) Do we really also found in the national real hand embroidery it? Not all say the business talk about integrity? Do we not be honest a bit more? Before we start the company, in order to find the older embroidered mother, traveled to many remote mountain areas in Guizhou, the ancient art to the heritage that continue to spend a lot of thought to persuade young people to study in the village ancestors arts and culture. Not here I want to sell my embroidery, I just want more people to understand the culture of the ancient ethnic embroidery. Feel the breath of those ancient peoples. Do not forget them. Buyi used marriage the first door

A few small details of life shape the slender woman

Slender build sedentary women. This does not mean we must exercise in the gym. They do not take the elevator and stairs, not elevator on the roll stood still, the price of L-carnitine bike as much as possible instead of driving, shopping on foot as much as possible. These flows will be the movement beyond the self than those who give them greater pleasure. Like simple and easy weight loss diet you’re still hesitating how to lose weight? Really used another method – the details of it is to lose weight. Thinking slim restaurant: waiter politely tips on the bread and butter, but slim women are always ignored. Choose plain foods they love, but also prefer plain, low calorie Asian dishes. Do not often weigh in: slim women do not often weigh in, but they are only to swing his weight a little bit of space – no more than 2-3 kg. This can be simple to use wide-tight clothes to control. Constant motion: slim build sedentary women. This does not mean we must exercise in the gym. They do not take the elevator and stairs, not elevator on the roll stood still, as far as possible to ride a bike instead of driving, shopping on foot as much as possible. These flows will be the movement beyond the self than those who give them greater pleasure. Do not have to calculate calories: almost every meal, a slender woman will calculate the calories contained in food. However, most slender women in favor of food to keep slim L-carnitine have a good sense of the price. For example, she will naturally choose to live naturally and tuna packed in oil but do not eat canned tuna, obese people tend to lack such awareness. In United States, a research firm that obese people often underestimate the calories in half of the food. Purposefully purchasing food: buying food to be “slim consciousness”, not to be attracted by the food on display, while at home, according to their shape and developed in order to maintain a list of shopping. Slim women like to eat sweets for home buying people, especially but not only much to their own tastes sweet taste. Even to buy, but also buy a small package, but not for the whole family used to buy giant packages. Less without taboos: the food very much the same fat and the thin, but always eat too much fat. What slim people eat delicious meals, but eat very little. So that they can not only keep the body heat balance, but also enjoys Atsumi. Do not blame a sweet tooth: full of women tend to turn into a vicious cycle: they eat some “forbidden things”, the will feel guilt, self-blame is often the consequence give up on themselves to enjoy eating high-calorie foods.

Happy people are healthier?

Most people are struggling to search for two things – happy and healthy. For a long time, we believe that happiness and health are two relatively independent goals. We know that, if healthy, we most likely will be unhappy, but we also know that even if we do not experience pain the suffering, the same may not be happy. Happy people do look healthy, in fact, to maintain a happy state of mind itself makes good health. Happiness is like a person’s smoking habits that affect a person as an important factor in good health. What also worried about a heart attack or stroke? Want to stay away from cold it? One study showed that the same cold virus, those who think he is very happy people are less likely to cold. They are infected with the virus, but they showed fewer symptoms. Always depressed? It is best to see your doctor: Studies show that depression in adults suffering from type II diabetes 60% higher than the average person. The reason is probably because the stress hormone cortisol due to increased blood sugar.

Your own life and work will also affect the degree of control over the happiness, and thus affect your health. For example, those who can easily get medical information of patients, than those who do not easily get medical information of patients are happier. Those who are barely control their own work, or nothing to say on the performance of people, compared to other people, seems to be unhappy. So, how do to make them happier? Research suggests that happiness can be cultivated through meditation and improved. In addition, some experiences, such as tourism, in the long run than the easier for the possession of material wealth make us happy.

In fact, happiness is not necessarily for health will have to wait for many years shown. As long as you maintain the optimistic state three years, it can play the role, you will easily find yourself becoming healthier.

How to wear in Christmas Day?

Although Christmas is a Western holiday, but now in China, particularly among the younger groups, but especially by all the attention Oh, and today we continue to go on to the theme of Christmas fashion styles, take a look at what other costumes suitable for The romantic days of Christmas filled with gorgeous appearance that we do?

Christmas and night, wearing this sweater with a long section of geometry, the mood is like Christmas all kinds of gifts received general is joy, this very distinctive national style gown for you Party in the Carnival Night High to burst!



This short sleeve pullover is a thicker type of dynamic sense of the effect of printed black and white simple and generous, with a narrow beggars pants revealing Fashion playful atmosphere, two big hairy chest the ball to add a bit more dynamic, this body with a very lively and lovely for who oh Young girl

Older women who were to light the Christmas Day where you cannot take the unusual route to the distinctive, low-key black mohair coat with leopard hot pants brisk flavor is very spicy wild, wearing a mysterious black lace head-dress elegance, , among the luxurious touch of charm.


MM who like pink Barbie dream will cherish in their hearts, pink jacket cannot help but brighten Heart soft feelings, this well-cut pink dress is full of sweetness and joy, the embodiment of Sweet girl you immediately .

A variety of christmas

Christmas in Taiwan, also known as “Christmas”, Christmas in English is “Christmas” or “Mass of Christ”, it is often abbreviated as “Xmas”. Since the custom of the Christmas celebration after the epidemic in northern Europe, with the northern hemisphere winter, the Christmas decorations and Santa Claus myth emerged.

Santa and his gifts to bring Christmas gifts become a global movement and close to the habit. Mysterious figure who brings children presents the concept is derived from St. Nicholas, Nicholas was a 4th century in Asia Minor in the kind of life the Bishop. The Dutch St. Nicholas Day (December 6) to imitate him gifts. In North America, the British colonists to the traditional celebration of Christmas holidays in dissolved, and Sinterklaas became Santa Claus, or also known as the corresponding Saint Nick (Sheng Nike) of the figure. Americans in the British tradition, Santa is always happy riding in the Christmas Eve arrival of reindeer sleighs, climbed into the house from the chimney, leaving a gift to the children, the children ate the food left for him. His other time of year is busy making gifts and monitoring children’s behavior and recorded.

French Santa Claus is called Père Noel (Santa Claus is almost exactly the same with), the red and white Coca-Cola Company has the inspiration drawn in the 1930’s Santa Claus all over the world. In some cultures, Santa Claus next to follow the Knecht Ruprecht, or known as ‘Black Peter’ (Black Peter) guy. Some versions, in the dwarf toy workshop produced a holiday gift, and sometimes Mrs. Santa Claus and Christmas couples. During the Christmas season in North America and the UK supermarkets, have a child may appear to him to be Santa Claus gifts.

In many countries, children are ready to empty containers like socks, so Santa can fit in some small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit. In the United States, on Christmas Eve children hang stockings on the fireplace, as Santa said to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve to put presents sock. In other countries, children are placed outside the empty shoes to Santa Claus in the Christmas Eve (or St. Nicholas Day on December 5) gift. Gift giving is not just Santa Claus, family members and friends also give each other gifts.

Delicious food

In modern life, with people’s living standards higher and higher, many workers choose to do lunch at home, and then bring to company to eat, They do lunch variety, people cannot bear to be seen eating ,in Japan, bring lunch to company is very popular, it is both health and delicious. Let us look at the skilled master of Japanese made a few for everyone, so you will not be willing to eat, feast for the eyes.





















































My happiness family

My families have five people, father, mother, sister, brother, and I , when we are young, my parents often went out making money for our tuitions, in winter, it is cold, they worked for others every day,  sometimes, in order to work, they have no time to have lunch, many thing moved us, we three worked hard in school, now I have grown up, I want to let my parents live a cosy life in future, my sister is a nurse, brother is a worker in a famous truck company, each time, when I call to my family, I care about them as much as possible, so that they do not worry about us, we will take care of ourselves Well,We are also pleased to say things, but also make them more happy,I feel my family is happiness, we will happiness forever.


enjoy your life in 2011

2011, and I can  finally can take off the glasses to wear over a decade, and I can finally see the world not separated by glass, and finally to see him sleeping innocently. I have a high degree of myopia, glasses off, the world is ambiguous, could not see anything, feel off the glasses of the world is lonely dark. Scary . . . now I can clear to finally see the colorful world, it feels great. .

2011, the biggest wish is have a good health, I have everything that I did not have a healthy body, so the goal this year is take good care of myself, eat the fat, to fatten to 110 kg. . Increase of pounds a year should be, right? This is three years, has maintained a 100 kg did not fall. . Than a hundred pounds, come on . . .

2011, the year I am happy romantic, like lazy sheep and cannabis to the same happiness. To be engaged, to honeymoon, to decorate a new house, to wedding photographs, to the wedding. . . Looks like a great feeling great.

2011, a lot of friends and sisters are all in pairs, a happy journey towards belonging to their happiness, great, I sincerely wish them. . New Year’s Day to be a meaningful thing to make an appointment to help my dear uncle, wedding photographs, the first day so happy things are done, it seems really happy in 2011, was filled with full of happiness . . . 2011, 2010, if the hard work of my hands-on practice, then 2011 is when I learned to loaf, and upgrades do managers learn to employers so that they are more relaxed, this is the greater progress.

2011 is no great wisdom, only a happy life, and easy work.

This is the greatest progress.

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