How to do Shaanxi Roujia Mo

      1. 500 grams of pork loin,  cut into chunks to change, add two spoons of salt, a small amount of chicken, pepper, a spoonful of soy sauce, two tablespoons of cooking wine, seventy-eight ginger, mix uniform, preserved 40 minutes;

2. Halogen a packet of materials, over-water rinse dry ready for use;

3. autoclave into the small half pot of water, poured into brine feed, add two spoonfuls of salt, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of Hong sauce, a teaspoon of chicken, a tablespoon of brown sugar, mix well, bring water to boil down into the marinated meat, then cover the pot, after SAIC Gaixiao fire, stew 25 minutes;

4. boring meat process to do bun, put the pot 250 grams of flour, in the middle to be a nest, the 80ML 5 grams of yeast with warm water and mix thoroughly into the nest;


5. Stir well knead a smooth dough, knead the dough do not have to completely phase, rubbing to the expansion phase for;

6. The dough placed in the pot and covers with cloth and placed a warm place such as 28 degrees in the oven, the fermentation 40 minutes, until the dough to twice the size of the original;

7. Remove the dough, exhaust, re-kneading, divided into six equal size agent son, roll into pie-shaped, ordered 15 minutes;

8. Saucepan minimum to open fire, do not brush the oil, the pot will not have water, the dry bread baked in the blank under the wok, put the lid on when baked;

9. baked good side Zaifan face the other side, note the time not too long branded , about 1 minute on each side can, Otherwise the bread will be baked black baked paste to look good a;

10. Finally, the good meat stewed fish out a knife chopped, mixed with parsley salad mix with a knife, cut a mouth in the bun, do not cut off the marinated meat and parsley sandwich bun can be.

Chocolate walnut cake approach



4 tablespoons cocoa powder

1 cup flour

110 g chocolate bar

1 cup walnut

2 tablespoons milk

140 g butter

Granulated sugar 3 / 4 cup

3 eggs

1. sugar until fluffy cream milky white fluffy, then slowly add eggs.

2.Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mix, then add walnuts Stir gently, into the model, placed in the preheated oven to bake 175 ℃ 40 minutes, remove and let it cool.

3. Chocolate watertight heating, melting, pour in milk and mix thoroughly. Pour over cake and let cool, and wait until after solidification can be cut and serve.


【Remarks】 cream cake category of eggs used, remove from the refrigerator, the best little place for a while, back to temperature before adding what mix to play.