When women should not drink tea?

1. Menstrual period each month when the friend came to visit,

Blood will take away part of the iron, so women now wish to add more iron-rich foods such as spinach, apples, grapes, however, since the tea contains up to 30% to 50% of tannic acid, will prevent intestinal mucosa of the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract and chyme in the highly iron or iron Hematinic stones, resulting in precipitation.

2. During pregnancy because pregnant women should not drink tea, tea contains caffeine concentrations as high as 10% of pregnant women will increase urination and heart rate, increased maternal heart, kidney burden of toxic psychosis induced by pregnancy, maternal and fetal health is not conducive to .

3. Prenatal drink too much tea before labor because of the stimulant caffeine cause insomnia, lack of sleep if the prenatal, childbirth often lead to exhaustion, pain, weakness, or even result in dystocia.

4. Lactating for breast-feeding after the production is not a lot of tea, because if a lot of tea during this period, the high concentration of tannic acid in tea is absorbed into the blood mucosa, there will be convergence and suppression of mammary secretion, resulting in milk secretion. On the other hand, tea, caffeine in the body into the baby through breast milk can affect the health of babies.

5. Menopausal women about the forty-year-old began to enter menopause, as we enter menopause, in addition to dizziness, fatigue, and sometimes tachycardia, easy emotional, there will be lack of sleep, menstrual dysfunction and other symptoms such as excessive drinking will add to these symptoms, is not conducive to ease through the menopause.

The food eat before going to bed will not gain weight

1. Banana: Let the muscles relax and can aid digestion is actually wrapped in banana peel, “sleeping pills”, in addition to serotonin and melatonin smooth, but it contains may have the effect of muscle relaxation to magnesium. In addition, eating bananas before bed does not cause weight gain, as it low calorie and rich in dietary fiber content, can promote bowel movements.

2. Chrysanthemum tea: concentration, static natural gas have become the bedtime prescription preparation of tea, chrysanthemum tea drink of choice, mainly because of its role in soft Sleep is the best natural gas concentration, static prescription.

3. Warm milk: sedative effect of tryptophan to play a cup of warm milk before bedtime can help sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk contains a tryptophan amino acid as it can play as a sedative effect. Rest assured that drinking milk before bed will not only get fat, but also t can add the body of calcium.

4. Honey: helps to bedtime to relax in your warm milk or herbal tea into a small amount of honey, some glucose can induce your brain to stop eating hormone production, consumption factor is the recent discovery of a relevant and maintain a clear neurotransmitters.

A lot of sugar stimulants, but a small amount of glucose to the brain secrete a timely manner suggests orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), a newly discovered reaction and thinking related to neurotransmitters. A few drops of honey to warm milk or herbal tea before bed is also helpful to relax.

5. Potatoes: Clear hamper sleep compound everyone knows the secret of potatoes to lose weight, but you know what? It can also help you sleep Oh! Rid of it can induce sleep interference from the acid tryptophan. To achieve this effect, you just broken up after the baked potato in the food can be mixed with warm milk.

A small baked potato that will not disrupt your gastrointestinal tract; on the contrary it can play clear and hypnotic effects that prevent the acid tryptophan compounds. If the warm milk mixture made of mashed potatoes, the result will be more of the rod Oh!