Pacific Crossroads – Hawaii

Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, located in the tropical climate is mild and pleasant, is the world’s tourism industry one of the most developed, has a unique beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, charming beaches. Hawaii is a pearl of the Pacific Ocean. It is 3846 km east of San Francisco, east of Tokyo, Japan 6200 km, 8890 km west of Hong Kong. It Is the Pacific sea and air transportation hub.

Hawaii is one of the world’s most developed tourism industry. What attract people in tourists; it is not monuments, but its unique beautiful environment and warm Hawaiian tradition, friendly and sincere. Hawaii, beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, sun and the moon changes the colorful scenery nebula: clear skies, the beautiful beaches Wilkey, parasol flower; sunset, the shore Jiaolin Qingyin palm for couples who sings; moonlight, Polynesian singing and dancing in the mats. Voice of Hawaiian flowers, sea rhyme, one for visitors to play the beautiful Romance.