Hand embroidery and cultural minorities

I feel that the hand embroidery ethnic culture have gradually died out and Instead of by modern machinery and technology used in people’s vision slowly in the lost and forgotten. I specialize in Guizhou, a hand embroidery of national companies, I started this company aim is to ethnic heritage of our culture, so those old memories, not to be the pace of modern city life forgotten. MiaoBuyi. Shui ethnic minorities, etc., etc … to the thousands of years, when the transmission is not text, they are using embroidery in such a way to extend their cultural and spiritual, can be embroidered with their lives closely related. And now most of the young fellow out of the minority of the mountains, into the city, gradually forget their ancestral hereditary embroidery culture. This culture is gradually disappearing with, and now there are some ethnic minorities in Guizhou area, were only the older grandmother only. Will these ancient art of acupuncture and. When I see now in many craft shops there are many scenic spots and machine embroidery national product, my heart really hurts, but pain is the staff also vowed to tell you that this is when the hand embroidery, My heart really seems to be cut with a knife and bitterly. (I remember my friends said you have to do this line of business you do not have national embroidery machine embroidery products, then you are hard to do together.) Do we really also found in the national real hand embroidery it? Not all say the business talk about integrity? Do we not be honest a bit more? Before we start the company, in order to find the older embroidered mother, traveled to many remote mountain areas in Guizhou, the ancient art to the heritage that continue to spend a lot of thought to persuade young people to study in the village ancestors arts and culture. Not here I want to sell my embroidery, I just want more people to understand the culture of the ancient ethnic embroidery. Feel the breath of those ancient peoples. Do not forget them. Buyi used marriage the first door