How to open the French wine

The time to make wine drinking more alcohol flavor, you can pre-open bottle, before the wine breathe, breathe for a while. Its role is to make wine a little oxidation, it can make some of the wine taste supple, especially not to the mature red wine, a bottle before drinking can be avoided when breathable single Ningtai Jiang. You just watched the restaurant waiter action; it is not difficult to learn the right skills and elegant bottle:

1) The wine to the guests watch, and the origin of the wine and year out, display surface should enable customers to visually see the wine label.

2) Bottle with a knife protruding along the upper edge or lower edge of the envelope of the bottle cut open, remove the top part.

3) Align the center of the spiral bevel and then slowly screwed into the cork, the bottle with a cloth to wipe clean.

4) The deduction letter bottle, and then slowly pull the handle smoothly, will pull the cork when the cork from the bottle quickly, the application in hand to gently pull the cork, so it will not sound and a great – The whole process should try to open a bottle to keep quiet.

5) Smell the cork is to identify wine quality, if you find any smell, taste recognition should be carefully