How to choose for own sandals

Summer season, sandals are essential every woman Dress up a single product.           Selection of sandals, many women believe that the trend to be followed closely as long as you can buy good shoes, wear clothing with fashionable style, in fact, this idea totally wrong! Only a clear understanding of their feet, clearly the most suitable for this type of sandal foot, taking into account the current trend of wind direction, to make their feet more attractive in bloom this season wind color!
he following are common types of foot problems: ankle sturdy type, wide and large feet,   toes flush type, skinny type, Roujiao type and inverted type of toe bone, to see which one you belong to.
This is a sensual foot type and foot width difference is fairly small foot bones, the feet are usually white, but the only problem is more fleshy, looks chubby, kind of like the feeling of baby fat. Can only take the route has always been lovely image of the girls want to change the feet will feel a little difficult.
Sandals selection tips:
This season is a bundle of separate foot sandals can well make a lot of feet in the visual thin. Simple T-type sandals with simple design win, the same crush for fat feet, so you is even more elegant look.
Blackmailed varus-type This is a very common and most frightening foot. Location near the big toe both feet inside, two pieces of protruding bones are always a big moment to destroy the shape of shoes, but also ruin the image of the perfect delicate modesty, really frustrating.
Sandals selection tips:
Varus-type feet with toe crush Do not be discouraged, should this season’s sandals purchase plan, the selection of style feet on both sides of the package tight, with dark lace, mesh and other materials as the preferred, metal rivets, three-dimensional flowers and other great expansion of the material being disabled, retro straps seize the eyes detail, highlighting the foot bones hidden in the package edge in tight shoes are not to be too smart.
Flush toe type, strictly speaking, this foot can not be considered defects, many have such a crush feet, and the delicate feminine pointed shoes in addition to trying a bit tricky, the other models are good to wear. It is worth mentioning that this type of open-toed high heels and matching high crush Oh.
Sandals selection tips:
High heels, flat fish head is the most suitable to interpret toe sandals crush cute style, exposed three toes the design just right, the fish head is too small or too large will make the front legs appear wide, destroyed feet beauty.
Skinny model for the United States in the era of the skinny, with thin pieces of thin legs are not perfect things do, with foot problems have anything to do it, in fact, anything to the extreme will be counterproductive. Too thin feet, veins prominent, stud toe shocking, this is a terrible state.
Sandals selection tips:
Slender legs too skinny crush the strong often backfire, gives rise to less discomfort. Cover protruding blood vessels and toe as required, Floral satin folds and kinks style shoes are good, lively and rich sense of volume in addition to attracting attention Eucalyptus          Floral diagram, but also can make the feet look more plump more .
Thick type with this type of ankle foot skeleton crush is often relatively large, prominent and eye-catching ankle, looked tough and lack of soft feeling. Summer weather is hot, replace the bunt dress pants makes a stout field of vision ankle moments under exposure to others, the pursuit of the perfect girls must not sit idly by on the small details Oh, select the right style sandals can solve this problem!
Sandals selection tips:
Trendy and avant-garde shoe blade is this type of foot sandals crush the hearts of the water of choice, and its height just right to cover the ankle, foot by cutting the surface of the hollow-like design, is hot this year, but also arrest people’s attention key details.
Wide and big feet wide forefoot are Westerners and not just a tall girl Oh, some small girls annoying but also a pair of long wide flat feet, eyebrows become the focus of others, even when the shoe selection is very embarrassed. Canvas shoes and sports shoes, the shoes are almost always chosen.
Sandals selection tips:
The foot is too wide a blessing in disguise hand, the girls this season, improved version of the Roman sandals have a more current than the previous quarter’s design, but also more popular. Decorative metallic hardware adds a sense of tough, dark and strong contraction of the selection system also has a better Concealer effect.