Color Rose

Red rose represents passion and romance, yellow rose represents friendship, pink roses, you can express your gratitude. You can make use of these roses to express your wishes for each other. Known as the “happy rosecolored roses is the latest carriers of these emotions.

Painted pink and white roses for the different color food coloring, and then the individual into the water, roses will absorb these pigments into the corresponding color. This process takes 12-24 hours.

For their creators Dutch florist, the color of roses forming principle and still is a non-disclosure of trade secrets. Previously, he had the experience of other colors daisy changed, and this is his source of inspiration to create colored roses. He bought a long stem Fende La Rose, dyes and then sending to the world. Staining, these still have their sweet smell of roses, but save time as long as the normal rose, but the flowers may soon fade away. They sold each year the number raised more than 1 million, in which the main market for Japan, Italy and Sweden, especially in Sweden, the blue and yellow Swedish flag rose and each other. British on-line through the site, buy the roses. However, these roses are expensive. Only a necessary price of £ 24.49 Rose, 12 the value of £ 64.87, which is 12 times the price of red roses.

Rainbow Rose is not artificial; it was called the “happiness roses.” To create such a rose, the color of the creators of the various plant extracts injected into the stems of roses, this is an innovations.