The development of events has reason

Two years ago, I was lost, and I ask for help online, later, a man of great help to my answer: “the proposal to the students”, at that time I do not know why so hard to learn English, learn it crazy, or even I thought of becoming expert in English, also set up a blog network earlier, blog in English, users have to say I am really an expert on English. Now think about it, although no definite time goals, but somewhere, then SEO is prepared for the present is always in English I was asked, how can you be so crazy it, I can only smile: I was struggling to find a way of life, as I fell into the pool, casually grabbed what to hard climb. At that time, and no goal, only know that maybe this is a way. Now think about it, really crazy, 24 hours a day, one or two hours reading aloud in English, there are three or four hours listening to the hearing, then that is read, so people think I like English, only I know, in English only one of my tools. It now appears that this tool is very good indeed.