6 secrets to the hair that you may not know

1, dandruff conditioner should be applied to the scalp without dandruff conditioner functions, there is no role for the scalp, so do not deliberately applied to the scalp. But dandruff conditioner functions, must reach the scalp dandruff efficacy can play and should therefore be applied to the scalp.

2, mostly oil scalp disorder of the sebaceous glands to produce hormones much sebum determined primarily by genes, and androgen levels as the body changes, manifested in the increase of age out of the oil decreased. In addition, a good rest and eating habits also help reduce the greasy conditions.

3, itchy scalp diseases in addition to the scalp itself, more it will be affected by seasonal factors in the frequency of normal shampoo scalp itching may still occur, then this is the irritation caused by the fungus, not clean enough, consider using dandruff shampoo. If there is a seasonal itching, it may be individual susceptibility; it should pay attention to ease anxiety, to keep feeling relaxed.

4 , wash your hair is forbidden to scratch and thus cause infection, so that the scalp problems intensified, and possibly leaving because of pulling hair loss. Using the dandruff shampoo products, shampoo the correct way is: first, rubbing in the palm of a rich shampoo bubble, and then massage the scalp that belly appropriate to achieve the full effect of the cleaning and dandruff.

5, the scalp is the skin of the scalp the body the thickness of the second thin skin of the soles of the feet only 1 / 50, the second thin skin in the body, thus, like the skin of eyes, scalp needs to be more careful than the facial skin care.

6, the damage is ignored noisy turbulence of the work and life, so that modern people face greater pressure, psychological stress, awareness of body parts is the first head is not shown is the first scalp problems. Different from the common skin problems, scalp problem is not so obvious, many people regard even if the disease has emerged scalp, but because there is no obvious symptoms without knowing it. Occurs when the scalp dandruff, head itch, dry, oil, tingling and other issues, these are not the concentrated expression of the scalp.

The external environment is contaminated with the pressure to bring both from within the scalp, external sources of pollutants are divided into four categories: debris from the scalp of the skin and sweat composition; bacteria and other micro-organisms after the catabolic products of sebum; deposited on the hair of various particles or contaminants (such as dust, suspended particles, water in the compound); hair product residue.