Obama’s seven-year itch!

Obama, a black man, a civilian, when the U.S. president actually say that this is a miracle! So it brought to American society bustle and excitement! But the miracle is always a miracle, but not always a miracle. This does not, the U.S. mid-term elections, Republicans took the majority of the House of Representatives! Obama later life career, put the reins on this!
Generally speaking, the U.S. Democratic Party (Obama faction) is a lower middle class people of the U.S. interests, while the Republicans are more inclined to the middle and upper class interests. Ordinarily, one vote in a democratic country staff, the Democratic Party should be in the election and remain invincible fishes it! Then the Republicans will not play you! Or you face-lift it! Otherwise, you and the people gathering, and the ballot is not competing with it? ! However, why the Democratic Party on behalf of the interests of the majority of people will often lost to the Republican Party on behalf of the interests of the minority do? This is a very interesting phenomenon! A society, who have the final say? It depends on what time you care about. When the economic crisis, times of hardship, when, for example: after the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, people concerned about fairness and reform, the Democratic Party would be welcome. Obama came to power, the implementation of a series of policies are up to the rich to the poor to spend the money received, such as: his implementation of health reform, the financial control system, are the interests of the people from the lower to limit social upper class interests. These policies seem affordable to the people, but hurt the U.S. economic fundamentals, thus resulting in a weak U.S. economy and high unemployment. Some say Obama not understand the economy, will win over people’s minds, is the truth. As a result, the inevitable is: do not get the economy! This time, on behalf of the interests of the minority Republican Party, will be remembered for it again! Representative of the interests of the Republican minority, but represents the interests of the most rich, it represents a fundamental driving force for economic development in the United States, his policies, just to promote U.S. economic development. For example, he advocated freedom and less government interference in economic policy, which gave the U.S. economy is being revitalized. Obama excessive use of government power, it led to the loss of votes. 20% of a society rich, the poor accounted for 80%. Sometimes 80% of people have the final say, but if you were only 80% of the profit, 20% of people do not do it! They are not satisfied with the result: 80% of people have not had a good day! Therefore, the interests of the minority can not be ignored! Moreover, 20% of people still hold 80% of the wealth of that society?

Obama career later in life, perhaps we should see 20% of the cue it! A community of interests to be balanced! Absolute policy of any party, is not long! Obama’s seven-year itch, it may be only the beginning of it! ! !