How to wear in Christmas Day?

Although Christmas is a Western holiday, but now in China, particularly among the younger groups, but especially by all the attention Oh, and today we continue to go on to the theme of Christmas fashion styles, take a look at what other costumes suitable for The romantic days of Christmas filled with gorgeous appearance that we do?

Christmas and night, wearing this sweater with a long section of geometry, the mood is like Christmas all kinds of gifts received general is joy, this very distinctive national style gown for you Party in the Carnival Night High to burst!



This short sleeve pullover is a thicker type of dynamic sense of the effect of printed black and white simple and generous, with a narrow beggars pants revealing Fashion playful atmosphere, two big hairy chest the ball to add a bit more dynamic, this body with a very lively and lovely for who oh Young girl

Older women who were to light the Christmas Day where you cannot take the unusual route to the distinctive, low-key black mohair coat with leopard hot pants brisk flavor is very spicy wild, wearing a mysterious black lace head-dress elegance, , among the luxurious touch of charm.


MM who like pink Barbie dream will cherish in their hearts, pink jacket cannot help but brighten Heart soft feelings, this well-cut pink dress is full of sweetness and joy, the embodiment of Sweet girl you immediately .