American Wine Culture

Beer American beer, with very few exceptions, varies from the mediocre to the terrible. There are not many types of beer in the US—”light” and “dark” are two terms commonly used.
It is therefore normal to order beer simply by brand name. In a restaurant, in fact, it is quite all right to order “a beer”, and they will tell you what they have.
It is not necessary, either, to specify quantity when ordering beer. If it comes in bottles or cans, you will get a bottle or can, and if it’s “on tap” you will get a glass, unless you order a “pitcher”. The latter is very convenient thing to do, since you can then take the jug and glasses to your table and keep filling up without going back to the bar. (It is harder, however, to know how much you have drunk.)
Some beer comes in bottles with tops that look as if they need an opener, but you can, in fact, screw them off by hand—though you have to be very careful not to hurt yourself. It is possible, in some stores and bars, to find a wide selection of beer from all over the world, especially Western Europe and Australia, and it is good fun to experiment with these.

Cocktails: Cocktails and “mixed drinks” are much more popular and rather stronger in the USA than in Europe, and visitors may not be familiar with some of the terminology. “On the rocks”, as you probably know, means with ice, while “straight up” or “up” means neat and without ice.
There are hundreds of different cocktails, and there is no space here to list all the different names.

The Hard Stuff In America “whiskey” means bourbon unless otherwise indicated. Bourbon is a rather oily spirit made from maize. Rye whiskey is called “rye” and Scotch
whiskey “Scotch”.

Wine In bars wine can often be bought by the glass. Don’t be misled by names such as “Chablis” is used to refer to white wine and “Burgundy to red—Americans seem never to have heard of white Burgundy.

How to tell wine

To Tell the wine had a coup, it is added to the wine in hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid quality of the wine color will become dark face, and then restore the original color after adding base color, poor quality of the wine by adding both material will not change color if the house is not hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide can be used instead of white vinegar and food base.

Distinction between wine and half juice wine, wine, juice inside is not added sugar or potassium sorbate, if written on a bottle of wine grapes that the whole juice, sugar, potassium sorbate, it is certainly wine

The second is to look at his appearance, should choose the color and transparent appearance, shiny, natural color, flavor balance and texture soft, pleasant wine.


How to open the French wine

The time to make wine drinking more alcohol flavor, you can pre-open bottle, before the wine breathe, breathe for a while. Its role is to make wine a little oxidation, it can make some of the wine taste supple, especially not to the mature red wine, a bottle before drinking can be avoided when breathable single Ningtai Jiang. You just watched the restaurant waiter action; it is not difficult to learn the right skills and elegant bottle:

1) The wine to the guests watch, and the origin of the wine and year out, display surface should enable customers to visually see the wine label.

2) Bottle with a knife protruding along the upper edge or lower edge of the envelope of the bottle cut open, remove the top part.

3) Align the center of the spiral bevel and then slowly screwed into the cork, the bottle with a cloth to wipe clean.

4) The deduction letter bottle, and then slowly pull the handle smoothly, will pull the cork when the cork from the bottle quickly, the application in hand to gently pull the cork, so it will not sound and a great – The whole process should try to open a bottle to keep quiet.

5) Smell the cork is to identify wine quality, if you find any smell, taste recognition should be carefully