When the baby Need pillow

People used to think, we must have a pillow when sleeping, so I called the just-born infants have a small pillow. We say that this totally unnecessary, it is not conducive to normal development of newborns. Because the newborn spine is straight, so when lying down, back and back of the head in the same plane, the state will not cause muscle tension caused by stiff neck; with the head of newborn, almost shoulder width, side also It is natural, newborn without pillows. If you elevate the head is, but easy to form the head and neck bent, breathing and swallowing of newborn, or even accidents. In order to prevent the spits, the baby may be slightly elevating the upper body 1 cm.


When the baby grows to 3 to 4 months, neck, spine began to bend forward, then go to bed pillow when the pillow one centimeter high. Length to seven ~ eight months started to learn to sit when the baby started chest spine backward bending of the shoulder also developed wider, then the children should go to bed pillow about 3 cm high. Too high, too low is not conducive to normal development of sleep and the body, often easy to form high pillow hump pillow.

In the folk, people often give to newborn a hard and high pillow, so that the development of newborn spine affected. According to the physiological characteristics of newborns, make sure the normal development of the child, developmental characteristics; do not give newborn a pillow.


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