Platinum necklace daily maintenance skills


Platinum necklace is popular with ladies. Simple, natural has become the subject of style and trends for a platinum necklace. The concept of preservation and proliferation in the trend, more and more people become platinum necklace favor ear thing. Platinum necklace maintenance becomes quite concerned about for people. Here Haimeng jewelry diamond wedding consultant will be platinum necklace and maintenance methods to teach you.


1. Diamond-bonded nature of oil, glue skin oils, cosmetics and kitchen grease will lose luster of diamonds, it should be cleaned once a month.

2. Should not wear ornaments do heavy work, although the diamond hard, wear-resistant, but if the direction of been hit by its texture, then, may also be damaged.

3. Do not diamond and other jewelry box with a drawer or jewelry, from diamonds in the friction will scratch other jewelry. Meanwhile, platinum and gold jewelry necklaces should not be wearing the same time, because gold is relatively soft, if the mutual friction, not only will damage gold jewelry, gold will also died in platinum, so that the yellow, and very difficult to remove.

4. Earring in each of the platinum to the jewelry store test it to see whether there are diamonds and set loose and wear care for timely repairs.

5. When you do housework, do not let the wearer when the contracted drilling oil or bleach, and oil will affect the diamond’s luster; metal bleach will produce spots. Cleaning methods are: platinum necklace jewelry cleaning liquid immersion for about 5 minutes, remove and brush, brush lightly with a small diamond, and then put it on the filter with water and finally dry with soft cloth water. With adequate maintenance of platinum necklace method, you no longer need to worry about. To boldly show you’re Xiangjian, so platinum charm necklace for your points! Carefully protected platinum necklace will be long-lasting shine it!

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