A variety of christmas

Christmas in Taiwan, also known as “Christmas”, Christmas in English is “Christmas” or “Mass of Christ”, it is often abbreviated as “Xmas”. Since the custom of the Christmas celebration after the epidemic in northern Europe, with the northern hemisphere winter, the Christmas decorations and Santa Claus myth emerged.

Santa and his gifts to bring Christmas gifts become a global movement and close to the habit. Mysterious figure who brings children presents the concept is derived from St. Nicholas, Nicholas was a 4th century in Asia Minor in the kind of life the Bishop. The Dutch St. Nicholas Day (December 6) to imitate him gifts. In North America, the British colonists to the traditional celebration of Christmas holidays in dissolved, and Sinterklaas became Santa Claus, or also known as the corresponding Saint Nick (Sheng Nike) of the figure. Americans in the British tradition, Santa is always happy riding in the Christmas Eve arrival of reindeer sleighs, climbed into the house from the chimney, leaving a gift to the children, the children ate the food left for him. His other time of year is busy making gifts and monitoring children’s behavior and recorded.

French Santa Claus is called Père Noel (Santa Claus is almost exactly the same with), the red and white Coca-Cola Company has the inspiration drawn in the 1930’s Santa Claus all over the world. In some cultures, Santa Claus next to follow the Knecht Ruprecht, or known as ‘Black Peter’ (Black Peter) guy. Some versions, in the dwarf toy workshop produced a holiday gift, and sometimes Mrs. Santa Claus and Christmas couples. During the Christmas season in North America and the UK supermarkets, have a child may appear to him to be Santa Claus gifts.

In many countries, children are ready to empty containers like socks, so Santa can fit in some small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit. In the United States, on Christmas Eve children hang stockings on the fireplace, as Santa said to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve to put presents sock. In other countries, children are placed outside the empty shoes to Santa Claus in the Christmas Eve (or St. Nicholas Day on December 5) gift. Gift giving is not just Santa Claus, family members and friends also give each other gifts.

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