why people like expensive goods?

With the standard of people’s life improvement, many people think goods are expensive and brands are high quality, now we can see a phenomenon that when the goods are at high price, more and more people will buy it. Why?

I think one of the reasons is that more fake products occur in our life, for some small, we can ignore, it couldn’t bring deep harm, however, sometimes, and our life will not go smoothly, for example, when we use electric products, if it is not safe, we will get more Pain   ,so people   must be careful, when choosing goods, this become a habit for people when they buy anything, they get worried fake products, we can see some brands , for example clothes and although, it is expensive, but the products guaranteed by company, so people feel high price get good products.

But I don’t think so, sometimes we should think in this way, more time, we should pay more attention to the products quality, if you like you must get it in anywhere, perhaps you will spend little money get a good goods. I life, we must have own thoughts and ideas, we should think why and how.

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