Hainan fruits introduction

Hainan Four Seasons fruit fragrance, to foreign tourists to have a great appeal to foreigners in Hainan to buy fruit to become a habit, almost every Hainan Hainan outsiders are incidentally the fruit home. Hainan is known as “fruit of the island” and the reputation of a wide variety of tropical fruits, cultivated wild Guowu Twenty-five families, five hundred thirty-nine is, lychee, longan, tamarind, star fruit, bananas, plantains, papaya, pomegranate incense, Yangpu, peach, orange, yellow, pineapple, watermelon, durian, rambutan, breadfruit, fragrant lychee, wax apple, dozens of species, as well as the “tree of life”, “Po Shu “The coconut, the” micro-flower giant fruit “pineapple, with the” fruit treasures “of red bananas, has dubbed” the king of fruits “mangoes and so on. Coconut: Origin Indonesia, one of the tropical oil crops, use of broad, it is a ‘wood of life’, ‘Po Shu,’ said, Coconut into blue coconut, red coconut. Stone large, round or spherical coconut, coconut body without waste, edible copra, coconut milk to drink, mainly processed into coconut pulp, coconut flakes, coconut oil, for cake, candy materials. Coconut water, vitamins, natural sterile, cool thirst quencher to share drinks. Coconut shell is available for crafts, coconut wood for building materials.

welcome to hainan province ,it  will offer you a different feeling. than you!

why people choose Ed Hardy

It easily thinks of  ed hardy tattoo, tattoo art and fashion when we talk about Ed hardy. It often uses embroidery washing ink techniques creat a feeling of decadent erosion. Combine with the great master’s tigers eagle skeletons draggers demons, making a series of fashion trends. Including:men. Women, boys, girls, kids, It contains the life of the products in every aspect; it has become a part of elements in our life. Meanwhile Ed hardy has a strong Japanese favor of the carp、dragger and tiger totem. Tiger dog and squirrels and other than styles cartoon images. So the introduction will be loved by all over the world. The baseball hat with Totem tattoo embroidered becomes the value of collection and best seller.

As for Ed hardy, it is very popular to foreign, not only it is admired by the young, but also it‘s a hot fashion band in Hollywood. Most of  the celebrities are difficult to resist Ed hardy’s charming, especially in Asian, they always insisted on guiding the trend, Wang Lee Hom ,BoA ,Jolin and rain turn into Ed hardy Enthusiast. Nowadays Ed hardy is knows to the public. Its wonderful composition and richful design makes simple T-shirts line enjoyable. Ed hardy rely on its variety production, even release new energy drinks.

Let’s except a changeful Ed hardy has a wonderful future

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